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November 21, 2009

Leighton Chen's daughter Stephanie '08 joined the alumni body in style.

April 18, 2009
We are very happy to announce the birth of our first grandchild!
Bernard James D’Avella, IV 
Son of Laura and B.J., who are both doing very well indeed
This afternoon, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at   12:54 p.m.           
He weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces, is 21 inches long and most importantly, is very healthy.
April 2, 2009
March 14, 2009
One of the pictures here shows JOHN EDWARDS and HENRY Von KOHORN in the P-rade at our 42rd Reunion (2008), along with their grandchildren.  Note what the kids are wearing . . . pint-sized overalls made from John and Henry's 10th Reunion costumes.  John and Cathye’s grandson (and only grandchild) is John Saul Edwards III, aka "Trey".  He's now about 16 months old (born in Houston on February 10, 2008) . . .  and was almost 4 months old in May, 2008, at the time the picture was taken.
The parents of these two cute babies are Jack Edwards '98 and Isabelle Von Kohorn '98, both of whom were celebrating their own 10 reunion at the time.
Cathye and John’s daughter, Dabney E. Graney, also made the trip to Princeton to witness this piece of family history and to maintain her perfect attendance record at PU major '66 Reunions since her birth in 1978.  How fortunate that someone in each of these families had kept and could actually find the overalls so that the babies could be properly attired for their first attendance at Reunions.
John is serving in his 4th term in the Senate of  the VA General Assembly in addition to his full time law practice. He is currently on the short list of those being considered for a federal judgeship on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Here's a link to the Roanoke, VA Roanoke Times article on March 9, 2009 that contains more information on the subject:

March 14, 2009
FRED TALCOTT is still contributing to the betterment of the world through his work at EPA. He started it all off with a post-Princeton summer job and now has served under 9 different Presidents. However, the endgame is upon him  . . .  as it is upon us all . . . and he’s beginning to plan for a few new endeavors. Fred’s musical career remains a steady 30 to 35 gigs per year, playing upright bass with a variety of jazz and musical theater groups. One of these groups is Hexagon, which was a spin-off from the PU Triangle Show in the DC area, and is now entering its 54th season. But Fred’s artistry extends to more than music. After experimenting on three walls and about 200 square feet of unsolicited murals, he finally accepted his first commission -- a woodland scene on an exterior wall in a DC suburb.

The accompanying photo shows it about 90%completed.  Classmates will recognize that multi-purpose painter's jacket he’s wearing. Fred says there is still lots to learn, and that's a good  part of the fun of it.

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