G. William (Bill) Sisley (1944 - 2021)


The class has learned that Bill Sisley passed away on June 23. Bill had been quite ill with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which was regarded as cured, but the treatments caused congestive heart failure. That in turn seemed to be under control recently, and he had gone back to playing tennis with his regular group two and three times a week. Bill was at the last live Alumni Day (February 2020).


Bill majored in politics and was a member of Cannon. He earned his JD from NYU in 1969 and had a career as an attorney in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

Bill lived with his wife Eileen in Morristown, NJ. The class expresses its condolences to Eileen and to Bill's stepson Daniel, to Bill's children Amanda and Andrew, to Amanda's new daughter Evangeline, to Bill's former wife Doris, and to Bill's brother, Ted.

For more on the services and Bill's life, please see his obituary.


An Episcopal mass was held in the church where Bill and Frank Lagenhammer met singing in the youth choir in 1963. The photo at the end shows several classmates in the church garden.

If you have any memories or photos you wish to share on this memorial page, please send email to socialmedia@tiger66.org. Also, please contact us on the same email address if you plan to attend the funeral so we can let Eileen know that.


Classmate Memories and Tributes

Stephen Wells on the Class Facebook Page: "How very sad. Bill was a truly wonderful person in every human respect. I was privileged to be his friend."

Frank Langhammer delivered this Eulogy at his services.

Lloyd Bentsen shared this memory: " Bill and I roomed together our junior year.  We shared a very small bedroom with a double decker bed set up and a desk where Bill preferred to study.  Thanks to Bill’s preference I spent the evenings in the library which was actually more comfortable than our tiny room.  Bill had the greatest smile and a laugh which seemed to encompass his whole person.  He also measured his words carefully. As a Texan, I appreciated both his willingness to laugh at my attempts at humor and to speak at a pace making conversation so easy. Around mid-year I had the opportunity to move into one of the eating clubs. A win-win, we both had a single room. I am sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to see more of Bill.  I enjoyed his company and, especially, the way he talked with a smile. He always helped me see the lighter side of whatever topic we happened to be discussing."

Pictures: Nassau Herald, 50th Reunion Book, 2009, and 2020 Alumni Day with Robert Chester.

(Below) L-R: Bill, Bob Nahas, Turk Thacher at 2015 at kickoff dinner for 50th AG Campaign at 21 Club.



   L-R at the service: Robert Chester, Bob Nahas, Jack Folts, Turk Thacher, Bill Bausch