Edward L. Bailey (1944 - 2021)



Ed's daughter Ami has informed the class of Ed's death on April 23. Please see Ed's obituary for more information about his life, family, and career.


Ed roomed with Bob Greco, Len Hirsh, Rob Evans, and Jim LaFountain and was a member of Cannon Club. He did not graduate from Princeton.


A memorial page is in preparation and will be updated with new information as it is received.

Classmate Memories and Tributes


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From Rob Evans, May 10, 2021:

Thanks for letting me know about Ed Bailey. He roomed with Len Hirsh, Bob Greco, and me sophomore year. (Len and I, by the way, attended the same school in Philly K-12.) Ed and I waited table in Commons together. He came home with me for Thanksgiving. I went off to France for my junior year and was only on campus peripherally my senior year, so I lost touch with him. I remember him as a sweet guy with a strong Boston accent. He was one of only a few Black students in our class. He had, as his obituary noted, a serious fascination with trolley and transportation systems, which occasionally led to him going off somewhere, like St. Louis, to ride the transit. I’m sorry he’s gone.




The top photo on the left is from the Freshman Herald and the Boston Latin yearbook. The photo on the right is from the obituary.