Tom Tureen - Wednesday June 29, 2022

Our next Tiger Talk speaker is Tom Tureen. Tom is known to some of us as the person who won a landmark land claim on behalf of one of the poorest and most forgotten Indian tribes in the country. This in turn led to a landmark decision that helped open tribal gaming, which in turn enabled Tom to help a tiny Indian tribe create Foxwoods, one of the largest casinos in the world. Tom has been instrumental in helping improve the financial lot of the American Indian community. As an aside, the term Native American is falling out of favor; most American Indians prefer to be known as such, as Indigenous, or by their tribal names.


As if this weren't a full life of service, Tom is now co-founder and Chairman of Nacero, Inc., a Texas-based company that is developing large scale facilities that will make gasoline from natural gas and renewable natural gas. Gasoline made from natural gas has half the carbon footprint of gasoline made from crude oil.  The use of renewable natural gas from farms and feedlots can take the carbon footprint to zero.


Tiger Talk details to be published later.