Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, here we are. At the end of the line. No, not that line; just the end of Masked Men. 166 gutsy souls who masked up, posed for photos, and allowed themselves to be revealed to the world and lampooned gently. Sometimes with spouses and partners, who deserve a '66 Locomotive cheer for humoring us. Where would we be without their tolerance?

Our little venture has gained some notoriety. One of our Classmates copied it for an organization he runs. Multiple University administrators say they wait for it every week. The Alumni Council featured it as one of four University-wide ventures that helped build cohesion during the pandemic ("Princeton Where You Are" - password fcm-2preview). The fantastic Merritt-created 55th Reunion book (which will be in your hands any day now and can be seen online already) devotes 40 pages to our efforts. As yet there have been no libel suits, all 166 Masked Men made it through the pandemic alive, and our staff worked themselves to the bone for the barely living wage of $15 an hour. No more editorial comment on that one.

But all good things....etc. The Masked Man Committee has been at it since last August. We felt Reunions week was a good time to bring it to an end. And although this is the last release of faces, we have one more surprise event coming soon, probably this Friday. For those of you who were Masked Men, it is absolutely essential. For those of you who just have lurked and laughed and learned in the background, you'll love it also. Stay tuned.

And to the 166 of us who joined in, from Adams to Zizzi, a humble thanks. Never did we imagine that it would be what it became. All because of you.

We bring you....ourselves.


John Hart. Lives in Weston, MA with Linda, two kids and two grandkids. Came to Princeton from Baltimore (but born in CA), Math major, officer at Key & Seal, Ph.D. Computer Science from Penn. Moved from consulting to being an Associate Professor in CS at the University of Kentucky to 30 years in R&D innovation in the computer industry. Deeply involved with Princeton, including board positions with the Princeton Association of New England and chair of the large Boston area Alumni Schools Committee. Most importantly, he is the '66 Web Guru, who maintains our website and counsels us on all things technical, including for Masked Men. Just elected a '66 VP.


Jon Holman. Came to Princeton from Puerto Rico, where his father had been chased by McCarthy in 1950. Politics major, Elm, Latin American Affairs Committee, Firestone circulation student manager, was known to pitch some softball. Married senior year. M.B.A. Stanford with what seemed like half of '66. Long time HR career (Pfizer, Gallo), founded his own executive search firm in 1981 and thinks he recruited more CEOs for Silicon Valley companies than anyone else. On the board of a NYSE-listed company. He and partner Diana Grand live in San Francisco; he has a married daughter and grandson, she has a married son.


Stas Maliszewski. Our two-time first team All-America football player. Played both ways, Princeton’s last Consensus All-America. From Iowa. Philosophy major, Cap and Gown, also wrestled, played lacrosse and rugby. Chairman of Chicago Schools Committee, Member of the Princeton Stadium Committee. Slavic Languages Advisory Council. Harvard MBA. Lost 50 pounds from his ferocious playing weight and became a competitive steeplechase jockey, also spent a career in investment and real estate management. Former Class VP, architect of the FLIX 66 videos before our 50th, organizer/host of '66 At the Races. Gentleman farmer, he and Julia Jitkoff live in Maryland and Texas, six kids and one grandkid between them.


Kit Mill. Kit is immediate past President of '66, known to the other '66 officers as our Fearless Leader. Perennial starting center on the football team. Renowned "Grinder Man.”  He majored at Princeton in Religion and Art, Tiger Inn, and has an MBA from the University of Virginia. After about 25 years as an advertising executive on the agency side, Kit tired of that and he and Sandy Larsen '66 started a business in San Francisco, sold it after five years and retired. This has left Kit free to manage '66 affairs with an iron fist. In fact any errors on this page are totally his fault. He and Susan live in Riverside, Connecticut, two kids and two grandkids.


This Week on the Class Website. The 55th Reunion, of course. Just click here for a one-stop experience of the Service of Remembrance, Faculty-Alumni Forums with '66 panelists, photos of the virtual cocktail party, the V-Rade, and much more.


Rumors from the Staff. There's a hush and sense of impending loss among our young interns, and even our veteran staffers, as the Masked Men project winds down. Our bonds of mutual affection will soon be rent asunder as we go our separate ways, carrying only memories. We did, however, get one hint of suspicious activity when we viewed the sizable bill from our server farm provider. We suspect that Cy Burnett is calculating an efficient route to visit tunnels, bridges, apostrophe cities, and more as he and companions (rumored to be Jo, Ella, and Isaiah) take off to tour locations suggested by the Puzzle Master (a mystery man to the end). Whatever, but the server bill is coming out of Cy's severance pay and profit-sharing bonus.


As hinted above, there will be one final Masked Man email soon.


The Masked Man Committee

See our Masked Men Archive here.