Dear '66 Classmates,


Have you been reading the Reunions emails? So much good stuff! Including Alumni-Faculty forums with three from '66, the most from any class: Healthcare/epidemics (Bruce Ribner), China (Alice Miller), Sustainability/environment (Mark Levine). Plus of course the four '66-only events. Time is running out to register for the live (virtual) cocktail party with the Tigertones, here.

The 55th Reunion book is at the printers. This means that two of the Masked Man Committee, who worked with Jim Merritt on this extravaganza, have taken some time to eat and sleep in recent days. It will be worth the effort.

The six guys who signed up for Masked Men 37 are below. Two from Ohio, two from Atlanta, two from New York, none of those coincidences pre-planned. Geography is destiny. Two of them spent virtually their entire careers with a government agency. These are patterns which emerged randomly from the noise.


John Hardwick. Came to Princeton from Atlanta, majored in Chemistry. Key & Seal, Chapel Choir, worked at Firestone with one of the Masked Man Committee. Ph.D. Chemistry Georgia Tech. Career mostly in academia, Canada six years, U of Colorado and Notre Dame (“the only school with a financial section in the student newspaper”), 1985 to retirement at U of Oregon, first in physics and then chemistry. Lived on a farm for many years, fled back to Eugene 2007. He and Claudia have two daughters and three grandkids.


Russell Hurlburt. From Ohio. Aero Engineering, Elm, unequivocally Mr. Trumpet in ’66 (principal trumpeter in all the bands and orchestra, Triangle Music Director, got the Osborn 1907 Award from the Marching Band). PU paid for his lessons with the principal trumpeter at the Met because we offered no performance classes. Trumpeter U.S. Army Band. Professor of Psychology since 1976 at UNLV, pioneer in experience sampling, many books and other publications. He and Bobbie live in Las Vegas, one kid and three grandkids. Russell notes that the unmasked photo recreates a photo used in this NYT article about Russell's work.


Jim Nix. Atlanta to Princeton. Woodrow Wilson School major, Campus, fencing, Chapel Deacons, Chapel Choir. Fulbright Argentina, then M.A. WWS. Retired 2004 after 35 years at U.S. Office of Management and Budget, working on defense and foreign affairs programs. Wide travels, also singing for 30 years with the Washington Men’s Camerata. He and Ann live in DC, one son Princeton ’95.


Barney Rosenberg. Another boy from New York City. Politics major, Quad, swimming, WPRB country-western show with Graham Findlay. J.D. U of Michigan. Peace Corps in Brazil, became fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Senior legal leadership roles at Mattel, Pitney Bowes, Northrop Grumman. For many years a well-known international business ethics executive and author, lectured for the State Department in Sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil on ethics. Lives in Marina del Rey, CA, three kids, two grandkids.


Fred Talcott. Long Island, New York to Princeton. Mechanical Engineering, Marching Band sousaphone and Triangle orchestra. MS Sloan School of Management MIT. Worked with EPA 1973 until retirement except for brief periods, dealing with pesticides, toxic substances, water/air pollution, chemical accidents, environmental justice. Honorary ’68 as one of the four from ’66 who fabricated Joseph Oznot. Has played bass with many orchestras, painter of wonderful murals. He and Carolyn live in Bethesda, MD, two kids and one grandkid.


Gary Weimer, here with Betsy. Ohio native. History major, Tower, Chapel Deacons, Undergraduate Schools Committee. Master’s in Theological Studies from Harvard. Army Vietnam combat correspondent. Executive management, universities and academic medical centers (Oberlin, UC Santa Barbara, Case Western Reserve); senior executive, Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute; SVP University Hospitals, Cleveland. Cleveland Clinic Lifetime Volunteer Service Award. He and Betsy live in Aurora, Ohio, two kids and four grandkids.


'66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - More Capital Poems!

Poems with rhyming national capitals roll in. A very few meet our rigorous standards, and we'd love to have another limerick as good as Chip Ford's matchless effort last Friday. Here's a 12-liner from Mike Milder claiming to be mostly in amphibrach tetrameter form. We asked ace fact checker Ella Fynoe to verify these claims, but she merely shrugged her shoulders saying she doesn't do meters.


The Masked Man Committee of Princetoniana
To satisfy their appetite for arcana
Seek capital cities, not Americana.
Find two that make rhymes, then you sing a hosanna.


Such cities are rare as an arctic iguana
Or finding a polar bear down in Botswana.
It’s not fair to get help by asking Cortana
Or under the influence of marijuana.


My answer is coming from heaven like manna.
First look to Slovenia’s cap Ljubljana.
Then hop to Albania, we’re in Tirana.
I’m all out of rhymes but I’ve entered nirvana.


Were You There? The staff is still catching up with all the stories from the two previous "Were You There?" features, but here's one more which, sad to say, is the last of the Masked Man series. Were you there for the Great Train Robbery of 1963? Or, was your weekend date on that train? BTW, the young interns are highly amused and wish they could have been there and been part of the good ole days. They claim it's all work and no play these days.


The Masked Man Committee

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