Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, in the past couple of days you got an email directly from Rick and Frank about Reunions. Wow. Tiger Rick, Tiger Frank. Four very special '66-only events, created by nearly 20 Classmates with participation by a bunch of current undergrads (no, they didn't have to teach us about computers. We wowed them with our wisdom). A Service of Remembrance with more than 10 '66 speakers. A virtual cocktail party with the Tigertones. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see why the Princeton Prize in Race Relations is the most extraordinary accomplishment of any Princeton class. And a Locomotive Award ceremony about climate change to a Classmate who was a co-author of the paper that shared the Nobel Peace Prize.


As we said, wow. Please go here to register and click here for the 55th who, what, and when.


By the way, the vast majority of all of the Classmates to whom we allude above were Masked Men. So with a quick pirouette we segue to Masked Men 36, another excellent and accomplished group of guys.


Tom Allison. Grew up in Chicago suburbs. WWS major, Campus Club, Whig-Clio. J.D. Yale. Two years helping set up and teaching at a high school for dropouts in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn), then a long legal career focused on labor unions and people with employment legal issues. Retired 2016. Active in Chicago progressive politics, has been on boards of Princeton AlumniCorps, Illinois State Retirement System, Chicago Police Pension Fund. He and Sherry live in Chicago.


Joel Cherlow. The boy from North Plainfield, NJ. Physics major, Terrace, VP Hillel Foundation, Trenton Tutorial Project. Ph.D. Physics MIT. Medical school and radiation oncology residency at UCLA, very early user of lasers for gastrointestinal tissues at USC. Long time radiation oncologist in Long Beach and Laguna Hills, authored over 25 articles, has been Chairman of the Radiation Oncology Committee of the Childrens Cancer Group. Retired 2018, lives Long Beach, one daughter, two grandkids, COVID has forced him and Fran to live apart for the past year.


John Kalmbach. To PU from Tennessee and Georgia. History major, Cottage, UGC Schools Committee, Commons Captain. Star of the swimming team, won all the major awards, Captain both freshmen and varsity, led team to 11-2 record senior year. Swam so much butterfly that his career in the Marines lasted 28 days (hyperextended knees). Long career as a stock broker, managed to enter as a long bull market in bonds started and end it as it ended, “Lots of excitement the whole way for us stock jockeys.” He and Sally live in Chicago, three kids and four grandkids.


Jim Parmentier. Born in Princeton, lived in eight cities before graduating from high school. Father in ’42, many uncles and cousins Princetonians. Biology, Quad, rugby, Glee Club, editor-in-chief Nassau Herald. MA/Ph.D. Biological Sciences UCSB. Army biowarfare research, then medical research Hopkins/Duke, biotech industry R&D, finally MGH/Rutgers faculty. Twenty years as ’66 Secretary, now Secretary of '42, into sailing and building boats big and small in Maine.


Bob Warwick. From Vero Beach, FL. Politics major, Elm, pre-law. J.D. Duke. Long career in the Federal Home Loan Bank System, first with the FHLBank Board in DC, then with the FHLBank of Atlanta, retiring as Group VP and Director of Community Investment Services. Member and former chair of the Rural LISC Advisory Committee; chair of Stand Up for Rural America, a campaign to support rural community development. Duke Law Charles Murphy Award for public service; 2017 Rural LISC Rural Champion. Lives with Susan in Gainesville, Georgia.


This Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - The Stakes are High!

Many will recall that we were challenged to find pairs of international capitals that rhyme. Extra points were offered for submitting your response as poetry. So far, we have two strong entries, TBA next week, that raise the bar for those who aspire to wear the laurel wreath. We have one submission that identifies a pair of capitals in a sonnet (or close approximation thereof) and another that identifies five pairs in ten lines of verse. More submissions would be great. In particular, we do not have any limericks in our inbox, and would love to have one or two, especially if mildly bawdy but within our community standards.


Update from the Staff Bunker. The younger staff members are excited about this Puzzler, but, we were saddened to see that a couple of the English and Romance Languages majors razzed Computer Science major Cy Burnett that, as a mere technologist, he would not appreciate the finer points of the poetry submitted so far. Cy, in a huff, went to the board and scrawled these two lines:


  It is always best, after Bucharest,

 To take a rest, in Budapest.


From the dubious expression on Jo Oznot's face, we doubt that she was impressed.


P.S.: Those two national capitals are still eligible for use in your own submissions.


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