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The Puzzler has gotten very popular. It's the creation of one Classmate. Not one of the Masked Man Committee. He won't let us say his name yet. In fact "yet" may be inaccurate, as we don't know for sure that he'll capitulate. We are exerting moral suasion to convince him to let us identify him. Puzzle Master, do you feel our wishes weighing upon you?

Masked Men 35 is where we are. Ticking down to Masked Men 39, the big reveal as to who is to blame for the snarky humor and irritatingly erudite sentences. It has been a Brobdingnagian effort, but then of course '66 is known for overachieving. Also for self-congratulation. But enough about us.


Paul Culley. The boy from New York City (remember the Ad Libs 1964? Ooh-wah ooh-wah come on kitty…). History, Cannon, frosh crew/football, Grinder Agency. Father ’24, related to John Witherspoon (also pictured above). Marines in Vietnam, MA NYU, JD U of Baltimore. 30 years in large banks (all now merged out of existence), leader in the Presbyterian Church. He and Emily live in St. Petersburg, two kids and six grandkids.


Chip Ford. From Maryland. Religion/History bridge major, Quad, 150 lb football, Campus Fund Drive, Keyceptor, Army ROTC followed by Army and teaching. MBA American U. AT&T in marketing, then joined startup Octel early in marketing/sales management, stayed through acquisition by Lucent and retired from there 2000. He and Marcia live on a golf course in Skillman five miles from Princeton, three kids and five grandkids. Rumored to play golf.


Sandy Kirkpatrick. Born in Princeton, son and grandson on both sides of Princetonians. Politics, Cap & Gown, Right Wing Club when it meant something very different than today. Moved to Denver right after graduation, became President of Rocky Mountain Princeton Club. Worked in energy banking, also bought a ranch. Started his own investment banking firm which he ran for 15 years, then moved to Florida, became involved in commercial real estate, and married Jeanie. On many non-profit boards in the Bradenton area. Three sons, and he and Jeanie have 11 grandchildren between them.


Jim MacGregor. To Princeton from NJ, fourth-generation Princetonian. Pres. Andrew Johnson pardoned his great grandfather (Confederate soldier) so he could return to PU. Economics, Colonial, Prince editor, co-author Where the Girls Are. Army, writer/editor for WSJ, exec at CBS/ABC, co-founded and still Vice-Chairman of Abernathy-MacGregor, strategic communications and crisis management firm. 40 years on the Prince board!  Remarried Claire Montgomery 2002 after 30 year hiatus, one son, three grandchildren. Living in Water Mill, NY.


Seymour Preston. Grew up in Bedford, NY, secondary school in NH. Philosophy major, Charter, J.D. NYU, later CFA. VISTA service, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity. Career working with troubled companies: corporate loan workouts at Equitable, similar at Furman Selz, then Goldin Associates consulting as expert in business valuation and solvency. Collects exuberant art, survived open heart surgery. He and Suzanne live in Keene Valley and Rhinebeck, New York, one daughter.


Tom Tureen. One of the St. Louis gang. English major, Colonial, Nassau Lit, Ski Club President. J.D. GWU. Summer 1967 job with Law Students’ Civil Rights Research Council triggered 25 years working with Indians; recovered 300K acres for New England tribes, arranged LBO of New England’s only cement plant for Maine tribe, won case that helped open Indian gaming, financed Foxwoods. Moved west, two large renewable ventures, now Chairman/co-founder Nacero, green gasoline/hydrogen company. Lives SF, AZ and ME. Married, five kids, three grandkids.


This Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Solved! Puzzler Reminder: "What two bordering states have no road joining them? And what two bordering states have only unpaved roads joining them? Do not consider bordering states separated by a Great Lake, i.e., MI/IL and MI/MN, nor states that meet only at a point (Four Corners)."


No road between them: Kentucky and Missouri, of course. You need to take a ferry (not a road) or go through Cairo, IL. John Goodrich, on a streak, got this.


Paved road only: South Dakota and Montana. There's a dirt road, but that's it. John Goodrich's streak continues.


We had a few wrong answers. Also, we fear we may have lost a correct submission in the cloud somewhere. If you are the victim of our neglect, please let us know (politely, of course), and justice will be done.


Brand New Puzzler. None this week. The PM was taken aback by our swiftness and expected his Puzzler to have a longer run.


Previous Were You There? Who was there on Nov 16, 1963 when Bob Dylan gave a midnight concert at McCarter Theater (SRO, 1,300 people, a McCarter record)? Nearly everyone, it seems, and some say Joan Baez came on stage. With apologies to those overlooked in our haste, here's a partial list in no particular order: Hutton, Gates, Everhart, A. Miller, Mack Smith, Burke, Brakas (now '68), Walworth, Wiener, Rubenstein, D. Lee, Jon Holman, F. Morgan. There are tales to be told, and guitar careers were launched, but this space is too small to tell all. A "66 Story" is in the offing.


New Were You There? What Do You Remember? Oct. 1, 1963 - Gov. Ross Barnett of Mississippi speaking at the invitation of Whig-Clio in Alexander Hall while a crowd protested outside.


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