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Wow, did last week's Puzzler generate answers! Some right, some wrong, but all interesting. A new record. The Puzzle Master, still unwilling to reveal himself, is over the moon. Details on those answers and participants below, Don't miss a New Feature: "Were You There?".


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The men of Masked Men 34 have no unifying theme. There was a rumor floating about that they all were Druids, but we chased that down and it's hogwash, though all of them are wise and knowledgeable. Their only commonality as far as we can tell is that they are '66, thus stout of heart and strong of soul. Or so they all claimed when we were working on their personal histories. Sounded good to us so we're goin' with it.


Carl Eastwick. Born in Hyannis (is he a Kennedy?) but grew up in New Jersey. Chemistry, ate at Cottage, played lacrosse and football. Served in the Marines, J.D. U of Virginia. Long time in Baltimore, Assistant Maryland Attorney General then private practice, mostly corporate, estate planning, probate. Was on the board of the Baltimore Opera which went defunct in spite of his heroic efforts. He and Julie have two kids (one son ’92) and six grandkids.

David Marshak. From Long Island. English major, Terrace, avocation playing bridge. Second term freshman year recovered from ileostomy at home and in the infirmary. Tulane two years in English, ABD. Worked in computers; VP and Technical Manager BofA 1980-2003, Chairman of Interlink (now VISA) Security Committee, developed Forex real time trading system. Active in Jewish Community Relations Council, Islamic Networks Group. PCNorCal award for service, runs ’66 Facebook page. He and Suzanna live in Walnut Creek, two kids and two grandkids.


Bill Rhoads. Harrisburg kid. Art & Archaeology, Cloister, Trenton Tutorial Program. Ph.D. same major Princeton. Full career at SUNY New Paltz as art history professor, retired 2005. Considered “America’s top expert on the Colonial Revival,” well known Hudson Valley and FDR historian, owns a 1926 Philadelphia streetcar, author of several books, donated prints to Princeton Graphic Arts. Big supporter of local church, library, and land preservation. Widowed recently, two kids and six grandkids.


Terry Seymour. Born in Minnesota, raised in New York. English, Cannon, freshman basketball, Chapel Choir, NROTC. Wanted to be Lord Byron but had to earn a living. Navy Vietnam. MBA and MA English, Fairleigh Dickinson U. 16 years with “the phone company,” then became a financial consultant. Student/biographer/collector of work by James Boswell and Samuel Johnson, also has amassed the greatest collection of Everyman’s Library. Crazed runner. He and Adrienne live in Sarasota, three kids and four grandkids.


George Weiksner. Born Colorado, grew up Pennsylvania. Aeronautical Engineering, Tiger Inn, football, lacrosse. Joint J.D./MBA Stanford. Joined and spent whole career at Credit Suisse First Boston, retired as Vice Chairman Investment Banking. Director and Treasurer of Americas Society, Director/Chairman of Finance Committee at Children’s Storefront Harlem, former Director of United Airlines and Markle Foundation. After 50 years in New York City, he and Sandra now live in Greenwich, CT. They have two sons (one ’95) and eight grandchildren.

This Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Solved! Puzzler Reminder: "Which one of the 50 U.S. states consists of two disconnected sections? In other words, what state has two sections such that you must travel through another state to travel between them, even by boat or helicopter?" We have three winners: John Goodrich, Henry Von Kohorn, and, with the first correct answer, David Ingraham. Kentucky Bend, population 18, is the official, PM-approved answer. For history buffs, it's right across the river from New Madrid, MO, site of a massive earthquake, desultory recruiting for Aaron Burr's (Class of 1772) 1807 rebellion, and other unhappy events. John Goodrich gained extra credit by noting that Liberty Island and Ellis Island, both part of New York, are surrounded by New Jersey. We've probably all known the feeling.


Interesting, but incorrect, answers include Carter Lake, IA and an old favorite, Kaskaskia, IL, along with some isolated bends in the Mississippi River.


Brand New Puzzler. What two bordering states have no road joining them? And what two bordering states have only unpaved roads joining them? Do not consider bordering states separated by a Great Lake, i.e., MI/IL and MI/MN, nor states that meet only at a point (Four Corners). Alaska and Hawaii don't count as they have no bordering states.


New Feature. Were You There? What Do You Remember? On Nov 16, 1963, Bob Dylan gave a midnight concert at McCarter Theater. Were you there or do you know anyone who was? Do you have a story to share? So far, we've identified five 66ers who were in the audience. Add your name to the list by replying to this email - to be disclosed next week. BTW, as you might have guessed, the interns are beside themselves with excitement knowing that living breathing 66ers, whom they idolize, actually saw the young Bob Dylan. You might be asked for an autograph. While we're at it, do you have a "Were You There" moment to suggest?


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