Dear '66 Classmates,


We are racing toward the denouement, the end of Masked Men. Only six more sets of Classmates to be seen after today. At Reunions, we'll identify the members of the Masked Man Committee. Then, we'll do something else that's Masked Men related. That's all you get for now. Wait with bated breath.

Speaking of Reunions, perhaps we've mentioned it previously? The special software we have (yes, we'll teach you how to use it). The fact that the Tigertones are putting together a concert just for us. The fact that we're already up to 141 attendees. Please don't make us keep repeating ourselves; it's unseemly. Just click here.and register right now.

Corralling six Masked Men into one week was quite the task. Processing photos. Getting biographies approved. Enduring insults from all sides. Tolerating what six more old guys look like. And you have no idea what it's like in our bunker. Tempers are short, deadlines are shorter. But we pulled it off for Masked Men 33.


Paul Kepler. Born MN, school IL. Religion major, Colonial officer, freshman tennis/squash, Princeton Summer Camp counselor, Bridge Team. Chicago MBA, McKinsey, finally fled cold weather to San Francisco. Helped found a bank, was CEO of an equipment leasing company and then started another. Bought Seascape Sports Club 30 years ago and nurtured it into a family business. He and Winnie live in Aptos (CA), Maui, and Lake Tulloch and have four kids and 10 grandkids combined.


Bill Lutz. Came from Long Island, was headed for Air Force Academy but came to his senses. Philosophy (of science) major, Quad, Army duty. Worked as engineer, then securities industry, IBM sales, VP Ziff-Davis, then 30 years as a Partner at Deloitte & Touche. Was on Board of the Princeton Child Development Institute. Master diver (over 1,000 dives including to the Andrea Doria), motorcycle enthusiast, black diamond skier. Death wish?  One daughter ’01, five grandkids, he and Marilyn live in Carversville, PA and Naples, FL.


Bill Mitchell. Ranch boy from Arizona, never saw snow before Princeton. Basic Engineering, President of Tower, Glee Club (joined it for the trips), Interclub Council. MSE Michigan. Met Jan on first day of first job in California. Whole career in international technology, visited 110 countries, had tea with Indira Gandhi. Ran too many companies to list (and he’s too modest to let us), ultimately Arrow Electronics ($20B, Fortune 125), served on many boards. Also venture capitalist. He and Jan live in Atherton, three kids (one daughter ’99) and six grandkids.


Frank Morgan. From Mt. Carmel, PA. Psychology, Tiger Bicker Committee, 150 lb. football, Orange Key. MS Psychology Penn State, ABD same Stevens, Ph.D. Economics California Coast University. Clinical psychologist, then 20 years corporate life (SVP Berol), then academia (UVA, UNC). Brief lapse back to corporate side at Dow Chemical, then academia again in NC. He and Nancy live in Durham, two kids and three grandkids.


Frank Nuessle. Grew up moving – Navy brat. Economics, Cannon, freshman crew, NROTC. Navy Vietnam Swift Boats. MBA Rochester while on active duty. Very early cable TV industry to 1986, entrepreneur in spoken word audio publishing, from 1998 consultant to high tech companies, then working in sustainability consulting and teaching grad level courses at Penn. Deep student of monetary systems. ’66 Reunions co-chair. He and wife Sita live in Newtown Square, PA.


Joe Zizzi. Tulsa to Princeton. Planned on civil engineering major. Chapel Choir, Commons, AFROTC, left after freshman year. U of Tulsa through M.A. in English, Army Vietnam, later Architecture degree Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Designed houses at Sea Ranch and Mendocino. Finally traveled the world as an independent contractor installing POS systems. Reactivated his Princeton life, came to the 40th and 50th Reunions, very active in the San Francisco ’66 lunch group. One son, one daughter.


This Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Status. At last, we can retire the bridges and tunnels Puzzler. We have a winner. David Ingraham came through once more, writing "The Chesapeake Bridge & Tunnel replaced ferry service from the Delmarva Peninsula to the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area.  It opened in 1964." Two points for the bridge/tunnel combination.


There are other solutions, and we let the interns and younger staff join the fun. Isaiah Oldchap, rapidly losing his Oxford accent and becoming increasingly Americanized, wondered why none of our Bay Area contingent identified the Golden Gate Bridge carrying US 101. Impressed but not to be outdone, Ella Fynoe noted that US 40 crosses both the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers where ferries once ran. Isaiah loves those river names and all the American lore they evoke, and he can't wait for the summer road trip in Cy's touring machine.


New Puzzler! The Puzzle Master has been chomping at the bit to release his latest. With a twinkle in the eye, he suggests you think topologically, whatever that means. Here it is. "Which one of the 50 U.S. states consists of two disconnected sections? In other words, what state has two sections such that you must travel through another state to travel between them, even by boat or helicopter?"


The Masked Man Committee

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