Dear '66 Classmates,


Before we say anything else, please register for Reunions - just click here. The cost is nominal, the food and drink will be amazing (just like home cooking, because it will be home cooking!), you can sit at a table with your friends or wander around, and the Tigertones will sing for you. Spouses and partners attend for free. Just keep in mind that you need a computer or a laptop; iPads won't work with the software, and the form factor on phones is just too small. We already have 136 classmates registered.

This week's Masked Men all are part of The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Royal Hog. This is not the invention of the Masked Man Committee; it is a legitimate 501(c)(3) formed by a bunch of guys who lived in Upper and Lower Gauss during senior year. They both were and are philanthropic. And there is a rumor that more than the average heat and light (this is a jest for you physics majors) was generated in that entry in 1965-66, which created a feeling of, well, paying back?  Making amends?  Graduating on time?

That last is a total joke. No one made them do this. All were leaders on campus and all have been very successful in life. And their philanthropic mission has continued, basically under the radar until today. They don't talk about numbers and rarely about organizations supported, but they have authorized the MMC to say that included in the recipients have been (1) Princeton itself, in commemoration of our 50th and 55th Reunions, (2) the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and (3) the Making Waves Foundation, which some of you will know is John Scully's highly successful charter school organization.

Not in the four below is John Lumpkin, who convinced four of the others to mask themselves and participate in Masked Men. John had participated previously. And we thank him and them for letting us know more about this special group of guys.

Bill Bethune. Note the sweatshirt (we actually don't know if the photo is flipped over or the shirt is printed backwards). From New Jersey. Politics, Cannon, Bicker Committee, Head Cheerleader. J.D. University of Wisconsin, then VISTA Attorney. Worked at the FTC then many years in private practice, across multiple industries (biotechnology, information technology, government contracting) and specialties. One of the founders of the ’66 DC lunch group. Widower, two kids.


Ord Elliott. Grew up DC/MD, rugby major at Princeton (said he couldn’t remember any courses) but officially English. Frosh tennis, Tiger, Captain of Rugby Team, NROTC. Ph.D. Management Purdue. USMC, author of The Warrior’s Silence, if you do nothing else read his story in our 50th book (available on the '66 site) about the death of Dave Hackett ‘65. Teaching, then long time business consultant to major companies (P&G, Intel, Shell) and startups. He and partner Cutty Smith live in Woodside, CA. Ord has one daughter.


Dick McGinity. From KS and NJ, father ’37, brother ’61. History, Cottage hockey goalie, frosh lacrosse, Scully’s Stock Analysis/Investment Club, NROTC. 3 Vietnam tours as Navy pilot. MBA/DBA HBS. Research faculty HBS, consulting, venture capital, started School Street Capital Group 1986 including Tooke/Bush/Reed, many company boards. Joined U of Wyoming faculty 2007, President 2013-2016, now Emeritus. With Susan Berman, still teaching, angel investing, and exploring Wyoming’s wilderness on horseback from Crowheart.


John "Slides" Slidell. Grew up in DC. Politics/American Civ., Cap & Gown, freshman soccer, Chairman of Tiger Magazine. M.A. City and Regional Planning U of North Carolina. Army OCS and Vietnam, real estate developer, one of 3 founders of The Bozzuto Group (grew to 2,000 employees developing and managing properties in the Mid-Atlantic region). Chair of Residential Development Council of the Urban Land Institute, on Severn School Board of Trustees. He and Mary live in Annapolis, 4 kids, 9 grandkids.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Status. We do have submissions in the "ferries on US routes replaced by bridges or tunnels" category, but they are under review by the Puzzle Master ably assisted by our Oxford intern, Isaiah Oldchap, who is deeply interested in all things American, the more obscure, the better. If no one comes up with a winner, we plan to turn the interns loose to show us how it's done and then move on to a new and challenging Puzzler.


We do have a winner in the "ferries replaced in the winter by ice roads" category (no route number required). David Williams, always alert to interesting things in his native state of Wisconsin, identified the Madeline Island Ferry and the winter ice road. Isaiah exclaimed, "Oh, jolly good show I say!", but he's sad that the summer road trip can only take the ferry.


Staff Update: Speaking of Isaiah, we were proud of his modest restraint when Norm Tabler sent some learned legal commentary fully justifying our mandating the Oxford Comma. Jo Oznot was most gracious as she regretted her hasty words last week and expressed unbounded admiration for Isaiah for sticking to his principles under great duress. We are all wiser after this experience.


The Masked Man Committee

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