Dear '66 Classmates,


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Well, Physician Week brought out some very fine guessing. Our perennial champion, who is too modest to let us mention him all the time, got all five. Bob Heinze got three, a very rare event, and Louis Reich and Paul Corcoran got two, almost equally rare. There is rejoicing in the MMC cavern. Still masked, we might add. The air circulation down here is terrible.

By the way, our perennial champion is John Lumpkin. Too bad, John. We felt like saying your name. Take a bow.

We should say a word about our Puzzle Master, but he won't let us. No kidding. Here's what we can tell you: he's a Classmate and he's not on the Masked Man Committee, but he sure adds value. We are working to convince him to allow himself to be unmasked at the end. We'll see.

As we've said before, we have a lot of physicians in the Class. Do we know how many?  No. At our 25th Reunion, we did a survey which said 14% of the responders (of which there were under 200) had careers in medicine. 35% said they had J.D. or M.D. degrees. Does that mean that 21% are attorneys?  No one knows. 75% of the Class didn't fill out the 25th survey. We know that 11 or 12 from '66 went to medical school at Penn alone. So we can safely say that we have lots of physicians in the ranks.

And here are five of them.


J.D. Askew. Came to Princeton from Florida and to play football, left during sophomore year. Was readmitted but financially couldn’t return. Went on to a BS in Math at Mercer College and an M.D. at the University of Tennessee. Became a nephrologist, opened the first dialysis clinic in Tuscaloosa. 1985 recruited to the University of Alabama as team physician for athletics, retired 1998. He and Pam live in Tuscaloosa, two kids.


Rob Middleton. Rob the New Jersey native. Biology major, Elm Club, swimmer four years (just about the tallest ever). M.D. from Columbia, internship U of North Carolina, residency Medical College of Ohio. Army Major. Met Sam the surgeon in the OR, she didn’t like him at first but got over it. Anesthesiologist 37 years in Easton, MD, retired 2015. He and Sam have five kids (one daughter ’99) and 12 grandkids between them (Rob nine, Sam three).


Tom Norris. Raised in Texas, secondary school in Indiana. Biology major, Cap, freshman tennis, varsity wrestling. M.D. and residency Columbia, internship San Francisco General Hospital. Orthopedist, founding member and Past President American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, designed shoulder prostheses, edited/published over 100 books/articles including editing first two editions of Orthopaedic Knowledge Update for the Shoulder and Elbow. Retired 2019, taking tennis lessons from Mats Wilander. Tom lives in San Francisco and Idaho, three kids.


Steve Reich. Secondary school in NJ. Chemistry, Terrace/Independent, Tiny Tots Tenders, famous as one of the four perpetrators of the Joseph Oznot hoax (which made him Honorary ’68!). M.D. NJ College of Medicine (oncology), residency/internship BU, NIH fellowship. USPHS, then a career in clinical drug development, mostly anti-cancer. Worked in both academia (Northwestern, SUNY, U Mass Worcester) and industry (PAREXEL, Biogen, Pfizer). He and Connie live in Del Mar, CA, two kids and five grandkids. Semi-retired.


Ted Walworth. From Connecticut. Biochemistry, Colonial, lightweight crew, Triangle, President Orchestra. M.D. Columbia, married a classmate, internship/residency Dartmouth. Navy Lt Cdr. Career as general surgeon in Lewiston, ME, also volunteered in Africa with Doctors Without Borders. Has bassoon and contrabassoon, will travel – and does frequently. VP Maine Gun Safety Coalition, on Advisory Board of National Resources Council of Maine. Recently widowed, two kids (including daughter ’97) and five grandkids.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Status. To our chagrin, no one has submitted a solution to the current Puzzler, which should be easy, especially for those of you who drive I-95 north of DC or those who live in the Bay Area or Pacific Northwest. Enough hints. We won't repeat the Puzzler here - simply go the the Masked Man Archive and view the most recent entry.


Staff Update: Citing confidentiality, staff psychiatrist Les Angst won't explain why he had to intervene in a slight brouhaha involving interns Isaiah Oldchap and Jo Oznot. We are curious, however, as we heard Isaiah shout something about Oxford Commas and Jo mutter "poppycock". Oxford Commas (Google will reveal all) are dear to the hearts of two MMC members, and we try hard never to err. Attention must be paid.


The Masked Man Committee

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