Dear '66 Classmates,


We have placed the Masked Tiger shirt order. But there's still time to register for Reunions itself. We already have 134 classmates registered and you can be sure there will be more. BTW, intern Cy Burnett is a whiz (Ella Fynoe the fact checker would have also allowed "wiz") with spreadsheets and got a MMC member with diminished brain cells out of a heap of trouble as he tried to tabulate the registrations and shirt orders. The other interns were visibly impressed. But, we digress. Get a few buddies to register with you; you can sit together at a table and schmooze. When you get sick of them you can jump up and move to another table. You can hear the Tigertones sing. You can sip fine wine from your own cellar. Go here, now.

We haven't mentioned the '66 Library in many a moon. The incomparable Charles Plohn, who of course lives in Princeton and of course on Library Place, has made it his life's work to gather every book (very broadly defined) written (in whole or in part) and/or edited by '66ers. This is no trivial task. As of this writing, we have 167 authors and 516 of their books on the shelves. Charles tells us that this includes 44 Masked Men, and no doubt more are waiting in the wings. It is not for no reason that we call his home Plohn Hall. (Skip the snarky comments about double negatives, please. What, you would write "It is for a reason that we call his home Plohn Hall"? Très inélégant.)  Go here for more information. And if you have authored something which isn't in our collection, now is the time to speak. Likewise if you know of someone else not represented.

While we were not exactly deluged by guesses about the fine fellows of Masked Men 30, one old reliable guesser came through once more, nailing all five. Nonetheless, these five are the opposite of ordinary. All professors know each other by academic osmosis and the smell of pipe smoke. All doctors know each other from conventions filled with free contraptions and swag. All attorneys know each other from.....well, we prefer not to say. Litigation is everywhere.

But these men have taken a different path. We love them for it!  With the exception of the first two, who sort of (but only sort of) do the same thing and are well represented in the Plohn Hall Library, we think that each of them occupies a unique spot in '66.


David Dollenmayer. A Pasadena boy who came east. Majored in Germanic Languages and Literature, Wilson Society, Chapel Choir, SDS. Fulbright Germany, conscientious objector with alternative service at AFS public housing project in Philadelphia. Ph.D. PU in same field. Taught at Middlebury, Smith, MIT, and 24 years at Worcester Poly, then became award-winning translator of contemporary fiction from German. Also a serious pianist with wife Linda and an active member of the ’66 Boston lunch group. They live in Hopkinton, MA, two kids.


Jeff Green. New York City boy. Majored in Romance Languages (French), ate at WWS and then Independent, Managing Editor of Tiger Magazine, Trenton Tutorial Program. Fulbright in France, Ph.D. Comparative Lit Harvard. Moved to Israel 1973, served in the Israeli Defense Forces reserves, translator from Hebrew to English since 1979. His translation of a novel by Aharon Appelfeld won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in the U.K. He and Judith live in Jerusalem, four kids and eight grandkids.


Bill Harrison. Born Spokane, high school in NJ, Princetonian father. English major, Cottage, soccer goalie, last starter on the golf team. MBA Wharton, Army reserves. 15 years in banking, 15 in commercial real estate (pretty normal stuff so far, yes?), dedicated India and Southeast Asia traveler. Left the business world, last 15 years have been the best, running non-profit Education Burma Thailand Myanmar (EBTM) dealing with education, emergency relief, and democracy struggles in Burma. Has been quarantined like a lone wolf in the Bay Area waiting for a return to desperate Burma.


Jim Schueler. Illinois to Princeton. Electrical Engineering, Terrace. MS Computer Sciences Wisconsin, ME Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. Engineering work in industry, but best known for his writing about lightning; worked in the U of Florida Lightning Lab, wrote lightning papers and article. “Currently allergic to everything and addicted to nothing.” Jim lives in Jupiter, Florida, one son.


Barry Steinberg. L.A. native. English major, Campus, Nassau Lit, freshman fencing and crew. Fled the northeast back to sunny California and never left. MFA in Motion Pictures from UCLA. Entire career in TV and movie directing and production including shows like The VirginianMannixThe Iceman ComethFalcon CrestPerry Mason TV movies, Diagnosis Murder, many more. He and Mady live in Marina del Rey, two kids and five grandkids.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler Solved. David Williams, a Wisconsin native, had no trouble identifying the ferryboat Badger as part of US 10 crossing Lake Michigan between Michigan and Wisconsin. Then, using the open book option, he found the Cape May Lewes Ferry which is part of Rt 9 connecting New Jersey and Delaware. These are the only known active ferries that are part of a US route. Several Classmates did identify ferries that are part of state routes, and as scenic as they may be, rules are rules. The very excited interns are adding all submissions to their road trip itinerary.


Modified Puzzler. OK, the Puzzler is solved, so let's modify it. Identify bridges and tunnels that are part of US routes (not Interstates) that once had ferries that were part of the same US route. There are some easy ones and some hard ones. There are some that never had a ferry, so research will be helpful.


The Masked Man Committee

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