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Well, thanks to shirt maven Bob Nahas and the kindheartedness of our Reunions Co-Chairs Rick and Frank (you should know their last names by now), you still can order Masked Tiger shirts today. That would be today. Not tomorrow. The shirt order will be sent to the manufacturer post-haste (in the 16th century, "post" was a word for "courier," so post-haste mean "go fast with my letter, courier.")  You also can register for Reunions today, but that will continue. Go here for both. We're already up to 116 registered and counting.

Shirt orders today or nevermore.

You'll recall that Masked Men 29 was a physician week. And a good week it was to rejoice for physicians everywhere, but especially these five.


John Davenport. Born NY, grew up in Ferguson, MO. EE/Physics major, Cloister, went on to work/study at the U of New Mexico (MSEE) and subsequently an M.D. Residency UVA then U.S. Public Health Service in Cherokee, NC. Long career in Charlotte practicing internal medicine, retired 2011 but continues volunteer work in medical missions to Haiti and Nicaragua. He and Susan have three Princetonian kids (!) ’98 ’00 ’03 and three grandkids.


Dick Everhart, here with wife Marlene. Born in NJ, grew up Florida. Biology major with lots of Art History, Charter, 150 lb football, WPRB announcer, Express-Reunion Agency. M.D. from Duke, Navy radiologist in Japan, neuroradiology fellowship at Harbor/UCLA. Moved to Colorado long ago, U of Colorado faculty then long time in private practice in Denver, President Colorado Radiology Society. Established scholarship at Princeton. Met Marlene at work, living in Centennial, CO.


Len Hirsh and pal Bentley. Straight from Philadelphia to Princeton, never slowing down for Trenton. Brother ’60. Physics/Biology bridge, President of Key & Seal, freshman soccer, Chapel Choir soloist. M.D. from Penn with 11 from ’66, Army National Guard, career as a neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery in the Philadelphia area. Over 50 published articles. He and Leslie retired to Venice, Florida, three kids and eight grandkids.


Frank Kilpatrick. To Princeton from DC. Biology/pre-med major, Cannon, lots of squash and running. Medical school at the University of Vermont, met Mary Jo when both were interns at UNC Chapel Hill (Frank in internal medicine and rheumatology). Three years as Navy flight surgeon, long career in internal medicine at U of Wisconsin Health. Much medical and construction charity work in Latin America (Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador). They live in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, three kids, six grandkids.


Bill "Roller" Leahy. Son of Illinois. Biology major, Cap, UGC, Faculty Committee on Discipline (and still cracking the whip!), Glee Club, Campus Fund Drive. M.D. Northwestern, neurology residency Hopkins. Introduced to Chris by Bob and Judy Rawson. Army service, long time President of Neurological Medicine practice group. 18 years on board of Princeton Alumni Corps, Washingtonian of the Year 2003. Creator of the ’66 Locomotive Award. He and Chris live in Chevy Chase, two kids and three grandkids.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. The Puzzle Master contrived this one, which Rich Thomas masterfully solved. Here's the puzzle: Two friends were talking on the phone. One was in an Atlantic coast state, and the other in a Pacific coast state, yet it was the same time in both places. Here's the explanation paraphrased from the PM himself, and Rich nailed it exactly:


"One friend was in Pensacola, FL, in the CT zone. The other was in Ontario, OR, near the Idaho border in the MT zone. They were talking in the early morning of Sunday, Nov 1, 2020, the day DST ended in the US. At 2:00 AM CDT in Pensacola, the time changed to 1:00 AM CST. And at that time it was still 1:00 AM MDT in Ontario; the time change there would not occur for another hour. Their phone call took place 30 minutes later at 1:30 AM CST/MDT."


Last Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Apostrophe Cities. Still open one more week. Response has been tepid, but there are a couple of dozen in addition to these five. Here are a couple to show the possibilities: O'Fallon, MO and Coeur d'Alene, ID. Find some more, and the interns promise to include that place on their post-pandemic grand tour (still in the planning stages - it's not clear who wants to ride with CS major Cy Burnett in his 4-seater touring machine) and send you a postcard. Route 66 (end-to-end) 6-pair double letter cities, and all apostrophe cities will be visited.


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