Dear '66 Classmates,


We don't want to nag. But orders for the special Masked Tiger Reunions shirt must be in by March 14. Today is the 9th. If you plan to be part of our virtual 55th, you want a shirt. If you'll be in Botswana and Zoom and Remo (like Zoom, but better, with separate tables, lounges, and meeting rooms) won't work on your Blackberry, you still want a shirt.


This is not patent medicine being sold from the back of a wagon; it is a one-of-a-kind shirt that we don't plan to offer again. The train will leave the station without you on the 14th if you don't get your order in. Click here for more about the 55th Reunion and the shirt, and click here, right this very minute, log in, and register. If you have any problems logging in or registering, contact (781-789-7413) for 24x7 (almost) cheerful assistance.



We mentioned on Friday that Jo Oznot has a bit of a flirtation going with Isaiah Oldchap. All that was fine, no inappropriate behaviors or altercations. What happens in the bunker stays in the bunker. Now we learn that our CS intern Cy Burnett (how do you think all these electrons get to you?) may be trying to make his move. Jo likes the attention but this has real potential for conflict, especially in our very tight space where social distancing is the stuff of fantasy. We are keeping our eyes peeled.

Masked Men 28 is about the men (then boys) of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There were so many of them!  You couldn't walk into Commons without stumbling over one. Which made the guessing this week pretty tough. One of them, to remain unmentioned, struggled with identifying his own photo. This is the kind of stuff that the Masked Man Committee must grapple with. Fortunately, our staff of dedicated fact checkers, spell checkers, and factotums keeps us on an even keel and our noses to the grindstones.


Bob Brooks. New Jersey boy, Rutgers for a year until he realized he was in the wrong part of New Jersey. Biochemistry major, Key & Seal, won the Spencer Trask Debate Medal at Whig-Clio. Ph.D. biochem Hopkins, career as a research pharmacologist at Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals (acquired by P&G). Writer of three novels and many stories, leader in many writing organizations. Has been Chair of the Western NC Princeton Schools Committee. He and Sherry live in Pisgah Forest, NC, two kids and four grandkids.


Lauson Cashdollar. Declined Penn State football to come to PU from Beaver, PA and lives there still. English, Tower, Commons Captain, football (Ivy record for passes caught in a game and a Princeton season). Helped build air base Vietnam. Briefly coached football (1-0 record!), J.D. U of Pittsburgh, clerked for Federal and Common Pleas judges. President Beaver County Bar Association, still in private solo practice, also 15 years investigating candidates for state appellate court seats. Wife Marcia is said to domesticate him with some amazing success.


Jack Chidester. To PU from Newtown Square, PA. Biology, Quad, 150 lb. football (butted heads with Lumpkin every day), Westminster Foundation. M.D. Penn with many from ’66, residency Georgetown, Army Vietnam. Orthopedist GWU, then Paoli in private practice, still practicing at level 2 trauma center. On the PU Schools Committee and the board of the Open Land Conservancy. Does non-medical volunteer work at the Lakota Indian Reservation in SD and the Appalachia Service Project. Lifelong archer and bowmaker. Divorced, 2 daughters, 3 grandkids.


Ernie Cruikshank. From NJ and DE, European Civ major, Charter, rowed crew, married as an undergrad. Long career in investment management, including Salomon Bros., Jamison Eaton & Wood up to EVP and Chairman Investment Strategy, last five years at Silvercrest in Senior Advisor role. Last nine years with eight other alums from his secondary school (2 Princetonians) has rowed Head of the Charles, Henley Masters, and U.S. Masters. Four kids, eight grandkids, lives with partner Dorothy Scarlett in Kennett Square, PA.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. The Puzzle Master has one he thinks will appeal to our sense of time, space, wonder, and absurdity. Two friends were talking on the phone. One was in an Atlantic coast state, and the other in a Pacific coast state. One asked her friend, "What time is it there?" The friend responded with his correct local time. "It's the same time here," the other responded, referring to her correct local time. Explanation? Can you tell anything about the date and time of day?


Last Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Apostrophe Cities. Still open. Response has been tepid, but there are a couple of dozen in addition to these five. Here are a couple to show the possibilities: O'Fallon, MO and Coeur d'Alene, ID. Find some more, and the interns promise to include that place on their post-pandemic grand tour (still in the planning stages) and send you a postcard. Route 66 (end to end) 6-pair double letter cities, and all other Puzzler locations will be visited if Computer Science major Sly Cy Burnett can find an efficient route without destroying our information infrastructure.


The Masked Man Committee

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