Dear '66 Classmates,


By now most of us have gotten our first shot of COVID vaccine, and some have had the second. Finally a positive about geezerhood other than wisdom and cheaper movie tickets. We hope that all are well and side effects minimal.

Reminder: Alumni Day, Saturday February 20

Alumni Day is cancelled, but there will be two events normally held on AD.

5:00 PM EST. Locomotive Award to our Classmate Bruce Ribner with a chance to discuss the pandemic. Bruce is is one of the world's experts on communicable diseases. More information here; send an email to Jon Holman at if you want to have the link sent to you.
3:00 PM EST. The Alumni Association Service of Remembrance will be held online. Click here for more information and the link. Eight members of our class will be remembered; here is a list with photos and links to memorial pages.

We now present Masked Men 26, the ones with message masks.


Lanny Jones. One of our many, many classmates from St. Louis. English major, Colonial, U-Store Trustee, PAW On the Campus columnist, Associate Editorial Chairman of The Prince, freshman soccer. Edited PAW 1969-74, later Managing Editor at People and Money, author of multiple books and many other writings (e.g., cover stories for Time and The Atlantic). Credited by some with originating the phrase "baby-boomer." Taught writing at Princeton, Northwestern, and Montana State. Many awards. He and Sarah live in Princeton and Montana, three kids (two Princetonians!), six grandkids.

Mike Milder, above with Sarajane. Another St. Louis boy, English major and pre-med, Terrace, President of the Press Club. M.D. Wash U in St. Louis, U.S. Public Health Service at the N.I.H. in Bethesda, career as a medical oncologist/hematologist. Head of hematology at Swedish Cancer Institute 23 years, also member of the Committee on Practice for the American Society of Hematology. He and Sarajane live in Seattle, two kids (including a Princetonian son '93) and one grandkid.


Chip Sahler, above with wife OJ. From New Jersey, father '25 plus at least three other Princetonians in the family. Biology, Cannon, played football and baseball, pre-med. Ph.D. Biochemistry SUNY Buffalo, concurrently M.D. U of Rochester. Both a private practitioner internist and Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine at U of Rochester School of Medicine. He and OJ live in Canandaigua, NY and have two kids (including a Princetonian daughter) and four grandkids.


Guy Woelk. From Germany 1952 to an inner city Catholic school in the Bronx. English major, Campus, Trenton Tutorial, became a citizen senior year. U.S. Army Tokyo duty as editor/rewrite man for Pacific Stars and Stripes; climbed Mt. Fuji and wrote about it. Worked in education several years, then MBA in Accounting at University of Texas Austin. Career in the financial services industry, CFO and Director of Regulatory Compliance at multiple NY firms, member of NASD NY Business Conduct Committee. Currently VP Finance Princeton Club of NY, and candidate for '66 Treasurer. He and Nancy live in Princeton, two kids and five grandkids.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. What is the largest United States city (by population) not served by an Interstate highway?


Last Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Totally Crushed by Ted Hoster, Russell Willis, and Jeff Green. Honorable Mention to John Goodrich. Trenton, NJ ("Trenton makes; the world takes" and a few irreverent parodies) and Carson City, NV are state capitals bordering PA and CA, respectively. Juneau, AK borders Canada, has a glacier within city limits, is larger than two states, and you can't drive in or out, Close but no cigar for naming Cheyenne, WY, Tallahassee, FL, and St. Paul, MN which are close to state borders. A special "Creativity" award for suggesting state capitals near to Native American nations.


The Masked Man Committee

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