Dear '66 Classmates,


Our Classmate Bruce Ribner is a world-renowned epidemiologist who understands pandemics deeply. You can get a chance to hear him speak and ask him live questions by attending his '66 Locomotive Prize Award ceremony on February 20 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Click here for details and send a response to Jon Holman at to receive the Zoom link. If you responded already you should have received an acknowledgment and don't need to respond again.


Masked Men will end at Reunions in late May. This means that time is limited to participate, as we have photos at this point to take us into April. If you have been telling a Committee member that you plan to send in the requisite photos, now is the time. If you haven't told anyone anything, this still is the time. And there will be a Masked Men section in the 55th book which will contain all photo pairs we receive up until the moment when the book is locked in place. So, no kidding, send in photos now or the opportunity will be gone.



You'll recall that Masked Men 25 was Classmates whose last names started with S. This covers more than 10% of the Class, but by no means are they the hoi polloi. Indeed, we all are legends in our own minds. And here are four of the legends.


Terry Scherck. Above with wife Denise. From St. Louis and the same secondary school as Jamie Spencer below. Politics major, Cap & Gown, played football and lived in Witherspoon Heights with 12 Classmates, a six-story walk-up. Wharton MBA, U.S. Army, now many years as a high level executive recruiter in the life science and healthcare industries (on the Business Week list of the top 150 global search consultants). Also has a wine marketing and distribution company specializing in high end California wines. A crazed Cardinals fan, still pining for a repeat of 2011. He and Denise live in Lake Forest, Illinois and Vero Beach, two kids and two grandkids.


Larry Scott. From Urbana, IL where his father '37 was a professor, also Larry's career. Grandfather '03. Chemistry, Elm, freshman swimming, Outing Club. Ph.D. Chemistry Harvard. Taught Chemistry at UCLA, U of Nevada Reno, and finally 21 years at Boston College in an endowed chair. Also visiting professor at Harvard, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and other universities, many awards. Was Chair of the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society. Retired 2014 and returned to Reno with his wife Dawn; between them they have five kids and six grandkids.


John Scully. From NYC. WWS, Tiger Inn, Trenton Tutorial, President of the Stock Club (a very predictive event). MBA Stanford with a bunch of '66. Founder and long time head of investment firm SPO Partners in the San Francisco area, long time member of the PU Board of Trustees (likewise Stanford), one of the founders of PRINCO (manages the PU endowment), underwriter of Scully Hall. Every bit as important to John, creator of the Making Waves Academy, a high-performing charter school in a disadvantaged community with 1,100 students in grades 5-12. Incredible model train enthusiast. He and his wife Regina live in NY and SF, John has six grown children and nine grandchildren.


Jamie Spencer. The other St. Louis boy in our group. Unacceptably smart; entered with '67 and graduated with us. English major, Terrace, Bridge Club. M.A. from Sussex U. in the U.K., Ph.D. in English from Washington University in St. Louis. Spent his career as an English professor, author (two books), and reviewer. Deeply involved in the arts, including President of the Board of the Bach Society, on the board of the St. Louis African Chorus, Citizen Panelist on the Missouri Arts Commission. He and wife Anna Ahrens live exactly where you would expect and have two kids and one granddaughter.


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. This should be easy, but Isaiah Oldchap (our new intern from Oxford), confused by our traditions on this side of the pond, finds it endlessly fascinating, or will, once he learns to drive on the right side of the road. Isaiah's mishaps have been the cause of endless merciless mirth among the other interns.


There are two parts:

Name two state capitals that border another state. One answer is hidden in plain sight, and you've probably been there, so the Puzzle Master requires two names. Are there only two?
Name a state capital that borders another nation. For full credit, give us an unusual fact or two about this place.


Last Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Defeated by David Ingraham. What are the two missing states in this sequence?


??, CA, TX, MN, MD, MI, NY, MN, ME, IN, TN, WY, DE, IN, ??


KY and CA, of course.


The Masked Man Committee

See our Masked Men Archive here.