Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, more of you than usual made good guesses this week, because Masked Men was so trivially simple that even a Yale grad could have figured it out. But not as many as we expected. Now, we know The Queen's Gambit is entertaining and distracting. We know you have to do 150 crunches and 10 pull-ups before engaging in any frivolity. We know you're already in trouble for not having cleaned out the garage after 10 months of pandemic. But this is pitiful. Maybe one week we'll name the Masked Men up front and describe their backgrounds and see if you can guess who they are. Yes, that's a bit snarky. We're feeling a bit snarky. It will pass.


For the 97% of you who couldn't figure it out, here they are.


Terry Eakin. From Washington, DC; Basic Engineering major, Colonial, with his only NY Times mention for distributing Where the Girls Are for The Prince. MBA from Stanford with many from '66. Career in DC urban residential real estate development. His company, EYA, was America's Best Builder twice. DC Entrepreneur of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award from the DC Builders' Associations. He and wife Lindsay helped start six top rated charter schools, today with over 2,000 students. They spent 2018-2019 at Stanford as DCI Fellows. Has four kids, seven grandkids, and a second lifetime hole-in-one in 2020.


Jody Kretzmann. A boy from Indiana, majored in English, Colonial Club, UGC, Chairman of The Prince. Obviously a feeder activity for the Locomotive Award. M.A. Virginia, Ph.D. Sociology and Urban Affairs Northwestern, long time Northwestern Professor (Teacher of the Year twice). A world renowned scholar-activist on community development, co-founded ABCD (Asset Based Community Development Institute), founded and led Urban Studies Program at Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Helped found Princeton Alumni Corps. He and wife Ingrid Christiansen have two kids.


Larry Petrowski, here with wife Paula. From Long Island, Politics major, Campus, Editor of The Prince (see?!), AFROTC. J.D. Columbia. Spent his life in the law, including seven years active duty and 21 years in the Reserves as an AF JAG officer (retiring as a Colonel), and a 37-year civilian practice focused on commercial real estate. Deeply involved in veterans affairs: former Chair, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee; current Chair, U.S. Vets (helping homeless vets); hospice volunteer for vets, and other civic activities too numerous to list. Worked on Princeton Schools Committee and is '66 regional VP for the Southwest. He and Paula have four kids and two grandkids.


Jim Timbie. Double the photos, double the fun. To Princeton from Massachusetts, Physics, Cloister, 150-lb crew. Ph.D. Physics Stanford. Spent his career in the State department, widely regarded as maybe the world's most important contributor to arms control (Jim is way too modest to say this, but see this Washington Post article). He"retired" to be a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, just co-wrote a book with George Shultz. He and Janet live near DC and have two kids.


More information is available on each of these guys on the Locomotive Award page of the '66 website,


This Week's New '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. What are the two missing states in this sequence?


??, CA, TX, MN, MD, MI, NY, MN, ME, IN, TN, WY, DE, IN, ??


The Puzzle Master has outdone himself on this, but he assures us there is a rational solution, and we are rational men. We do have clues, but not until next week if no one gets it.


Last Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Defeated by '66. Rich Thomas dialed up his performance and identified Parrottsville, TN and Tennessee Ridge, TN as two more incorporated towns with six pairs of double letters, adding to the two he identified last week, Goodlettsville, TN and Coffeeville, MS, The Puzzle Master approves and says there is no known 7-pair solution but there are a few unincorporated 6-pair towns. The junior staff members are totally awed, and Jo Oznot is talking about a road trip to visit all four once the pandemic is over. Cy Burnett, an intern majoring in computer science, immediately volunteered to plan an optimal route. Cy was overheard muttering something about the traveling salesman problem. We're suspicious that he may be using time on our server farm, which has been very sluggish recently. TBI.


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