Wellness Caring Committee

From: Kearney Shanahan
March 11, 2013

Dear Classmate,

Two minutes, please.

Our preference would be that this letter be addressed to each of you personally. Why to each of you personally? Because this letter and the Committee are about a very personal subject – the death, serious illness or major life challenge of a classmate or his family.

You have seen in recent Class mailings references to the possible formation of a "Wellness/Caring Committee”. The Committee now exists. The Class Executive Committee has asked me to chair the Committee. As Class Secretary, Jim Parmentier will sit in on Committee meetings. Currently serving with me are:
  • Rick Bowers (Class Regional Vice President for New England and a member of the Class Executive Committee) at rbowersjr@aol.com or (563) 349-2761 (c)
  • Steve Herrmann at saherr@aol.com or (302) 651-7730 (w)
  • Larry Petrowski (Class Regional Vice President for the Southwest and a member of the Class Executive Committee) at lpetrowski@stinson.com or (602) 212-8512 (w)
To the extent invited, welcome, appropriate and realistic, the Class wants to "be there” for our classmates in the event of the death or a serious illness or major life challenge of a classmate and his family. Any situation will be kept very confidential unless the classmate or family feels otherwise.

Examples of present efforts to be supportive: a classmate suffering from Alzheimer’s and a classmate who lost his son.

You may have seen in late summer how as a Class we tried to be responsive to the loss of John Nagorniak. With his wife’s permission, the Officers shared the information with the Class. Classmates contacted her. We had a representative of the Class at the Services. Other classmates attended the Services. The representative expressed to John’s family the Class’ condolences and sympathy. Classmates have continued periodically to get in touch with the family. Where invited, welcome and realistic, the Class and the Committee would like that to become a more common response by the Class.

The Class can only "be there” if we know – if the classmate or family wants us to know. Please consider sharing this letter with your family members and/or significant other. As you know of a classmate, with the permission of the classmate or the classmate’s family, let us know. For coordination purposes, contact any member of the Committee. For any questions and comments, just direct those to me at kshanahan@shanahanfirm.com or (216) 363-1700 (w).

The Committee is small. But what we need are classmates on whom the Committee can call when there is a classmate or a classmate’s family who needs and is open to the Class’ support. Future Class letters and PAW columns by Jim will periodically refer to the Committee and its efforts and needs so the Class can try to "be there” for our classmates when requested.

With best regards,