Reloonion '66

August 30 - September 2, 2014 

40 classmates (77 including spouses and partners) attended. Rockywold-Deephaven Camps ("RDC”), Holderness, NH on Squam Lake (a.k.a. "Golden Pond”)

It was a great weekend - fantastic site and food, perfect (almost) weather, opening reception, 70th birthday party (video of "The Boys of '66" coming soon), challenge hike led by Gail Edie, normal hikes, boat rides, barn dance, loon lecture, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival highlights presented by co-founders Laurie and Krist Jake, shirts, hats, orange and black everywhere, locomotives, and more, capped by a farewell luncheon hosted by Gail and John Edie at their beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee Lake home on Beaver Island. 
There's a slide show below the group photo and attendee list. (Sept 11 - I added a bunch of new photos from the share site and have about 50 more to go (if I missed one of yours, it was an accident - Let me know!

  • Lynn Anderson*
  • Anne Mehringer and Terry Beaty
  • Walt Bliss
  • Ann Spence and Rick Bowers
  • Ley and Brian Breuel
  • Suzie Pandjiris and Warren Browne
  • Dayna Smith and Peter Cary
  • Debby and Croms Cromwell
  • Suzy and Dennis Davis
  • Julie and Carl Eastwick 
  • Gail and John Edie
  • Cutty Smith and Ord Elliot
  • Margie and Charlie Emmons
  • Sandy and Roger Evans
  • Layne Birchfield and J.P. Godich
  • Barbara and Glenn Goltz
  • Linda and John Hart
  • Peggy and Gib Hentschke
  • Laurie and Krist Jake
  • Kathleen and Bill Johnson
  • Angie Stevens and Wallace Judd
  • Anne Sherrerd and Bert Kerstetter
  • Ruth and Ken Krosin
  • Debby Wyatt and Ron Landeck
  • Bruce Leslie
  • Eileen and Owen Mathieu
  • Susan and Kit Mill
  • Virg and Bob Nahas
  • Mary and Gord Park
  • Beth Fowler and Jim Parmentier
  • Cara and Mike Peterman
  • Dorothy and Charles Plohn
  • Judy and Bob Rawson
  • Patty Corcoran and Andy Roomet
  • Karen and Kearney Shanahan
  • Cristy Reeves and Stitz Stitzer
  • Dawn and Norm Tabler
  • Carol and Turk Thacher
  • Meredith and Henry Von Kohorn
  • Sally and Mike Witte (thanks for the logo, Mike)

* Coming from Sydney, Australia and early favorite for long-distance award

A few photos (Updated Sept 7 - more may be coming).

Organizing Committee (Led by Henry Von Kohorn): 
Rick Bowers, John Edie, Charlie Emmons, Roger Evans, John Hart, Kit Mill, Jim Parmentier, Henry Von Kohorn

L-R: Emmons, Von Kohorn, Bowers, Mill, Evans, Hart, Parmentier, Edie

Here are more RDC views, including Squam Lake taken from our hike up Rattlesnake Mountain.