Grandparent Class Mentoring Events

The 1966-2016 Grandparent Class Mentoring Opportunity  is up and running. Get togethers have happened across the world, ranging from New York to Arizona to Paris to Princeton. Please let Walter Bliss or Charles Plohn know if you want to get involved in the '66-'16 relationship this summer 2015 Events.

2017 Post-Graduation Activities

There were five '66-'16 gatherings in 2017 centered around '16ers who were selected as Fellows in the Princeton AlumniCorps' Project 55 Fellowship program for 2016-2017. The events were as follows:

Boston - 2/16/17
Lunch downtown in a private dining room at the Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail Club,attended by seven '66ers (Rick Bowers, Carl Corey, Ned Groth, John Hart, Owen MathieuMike Tooke and David Williams) and four Project 55 Fellows. This was a gathering of the '66 Boston lunch group. See the Classmate Sightings Page for a photo and more.

Washington, D.C. - 4/19/17
Lunch in the Wine Room of The Capital Grill on Pennsylvania Avenue attended by ten '66ers (Terry Beaty, Bill Bethune, Andy Butz, Peter Carey, Tony Fitch, Nelson Hendler, Ken KrosinFrank Langhammer, David Stewart, and Frank Ward) and four Project 55 Fellows. Bill and David co-hosted this monthly gathering of the long-standing '66 Washington, D.C. lunch group and Bill summarized: "A good time was had by all. Congress was out of session, so we all felt safe."  See the Classmate Sightings Page for a photo and more.

Princeton - 4/20/17
Buffet dinner in a private dining room at the Nassau Club attended by three '66ers (Walter BlissCharles Plohn, and Henry Von Kohorn) and seven '16ers (including two Project 55 Fellows and three members of the Woodrow Wilson School's Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative [SINSI] program. Also in attendance were Eve Kubu (Director of Career Services at Princeton University), the Project 55 area chair and the WWS-SINSI Manager.

Chicago - 5/13/17
Party at the Lake Shore Drive home of Tom Allison and Sherry Holland attended by three '66ers (Tom, John McDonough and his wife, and Preston Torbert) and four '16ers (including one Project 55 Fellow). The party was co-hosted by Tom and John.

New York City - 5/17/17
Dinner at the Princeton Club of New York attended by four '66ers (Walter Bliss, James MacGregorHoward McMorris, and Charles Plohn), nine '16ers (including five Project 55 Fellows) and Eva Kubu (Director of Career Services). Mac arrived late from a Cottage Club event with that day's late breaking news about the appointment of Robert Mueller '66 h16 as Special Counsel and entertained the group with stories about Bob. See the Classmate Sightings Page for a photo and more.

Among the three awards we received at the Alumni Council lunch at our 51st Reunion was the Alumni Council Committee on Reunions Award for Innovation at our 50th "for developing a strong relationship with their grandchild class."

Centenarian Senior Prom

We can't take credit for this outstanding "Centenarian Senior Prom" put on by our Grandchild Class. We can, however, look forward to a similar event with our great grandchild 2041 class at the 75th.

2016 Pyne Prize Winners

Two Grandchild Class members, James Agolia and Andrew Nelson, shared the Pyne Prize awarded during the Alumni Day luncheon. James and Andrew had never met until this summer when they met at a Seattle lunch hosted by John Hoerster. John writes:

"In July 2015, as a part of the ’66-’16 summer mentor program, I hosted a lunch with James Agolia and Andrew Nelson, who were interning in Seattle for the summer.  James and Andrew commented at the lunch that, not only had they never met, they had never even heard of each other before the lunch.  We had a leisurely, enjoyable and intellectually stimulating lunch, as one would expect in light of the announcement in February 2016 that they were the co-winners of the Pyne Prize.  In replying to my congratulations, Andrew said "it feels so fitting to bookend the year with our lunch last summer and with the Alumni Day luncheon on the other side!” and James said "when I found out that Andrew was the other winner, I immediately thought of our lunch this past summer. Thank you so much for bringing us all together.”  James went on to say he would make sure to mention our ’66-’16 lunch at the Alumni Day luncheon” – and he did!  Much as I would like to do so, the ’66-’16 program cannot take credit for the accomplishments of James and Andrew; instead, this story illustrates how enriching the ’66-’16 program can be on the ’66 side."

Class of 2016 and Rhodes Scholarships

Four Princeton alumni are among this year's Rhodes Scholars. Three of the four are members of our '16 "grandchild class", including Class Treasurer Richard Lu, a recipient of a Thacher Family Scholarship. Richard has attended our class dinners at the Nassau Club on Alumni Day and at Terhune Orchards after the P-rade. He has also attended several '66-'16 events on campus during the academic years and has been a standard bearer of our class banner in the P-rade.

2016 Events

On Tuesday, January 26th, our Great Class of 1966 again hosted a '66-'16 pizza party over intersession at Campus Club. This year the menu was expanded to include sushi, and since the vast majority of our '16 "grandchildren" are now 21 years old, we offered beer and wine for the first time. According to educated guesstimates, a record 250 '16ers turned out, many of whom were on campus working on their senior thesis. Several of the '66ers in attendance wore their so-called "jungle print" reunion shirt so that our "grandkids" were able to differentiate us from their classmates!
Here's the link to our photos!

2015 Events

We've held grandchild events this summer in San Francisco (twice), Philadelphia, Paris, New York (twice), Los Angeles, Princeton, and Washington (twice).

July 29 - Princeton

On July 29th, Dorothy and Charles Plohn hosted a '66-'16 cookout at Plohn Hall in Princeton. The event was attended by at least 46 members of our '16 "grandchild" class [getting them to sign in is not as easy as one might think!], 6 members of the Alumni Association who support '66 in numerous ways, and 5 members of '66 (in addition to our hosts, Mary and Walter Bliss, Leighton Chen, Crick Cruikshank,and Pam and Gary Mount. Many of the '16ers are on campus during summer doing research for their senior thesis.

July 26 - Los Angeles

On July 26th, Lois and Rich Reinis hosted a '66-'16 gathering at their Los Angeles home for the third consecutive summer. The event was attended by 6 members of our '16 "grandchild" class and 5 '66ers (Rich, Viggo Boserup, Howard Fredman, Gib Hentsche and Jon Morse). In the attached group photo, the members of the '66 "grandparent" class are standing in the back row!

In an email to Rich, '16 VP Gwen Lee stated, "Thank you so much to both you and Lois for sharing your home and time with us. It was a spectacular event, as always. And you led the event so beautifully. I think some of the 'grandparents' and 'grandchildren' found some common interests and will hopefully continue the relationships they formed today.

Thank you again!!"

July 23 - New York

On June 23rd, Mary Lou and Jeff Shafer hosted an outstanding '66-'16 reception at their TriBeCa apartment in NYC, which was attended by 32 members of our '16 "grandchild" class and 8 members of '66 (in addition to our hosts, Mary and Walter Bliss, Jim MacGregorDick Malina, Howard McMorris, Dorothy and Charles Plohn, George Weiksner and Mike Witte. The food and beverages were excellent and the across-the-generations conversations were lively.

July 22 - Washington

Members of the great Class of 1966 have had a monthly lunch group for classmates in the Washington, D.C. area for about 40 years. On July 22nd, 14 of our Class of 2016  "grandchildren" joined 8 members of '66 for lunch in a private dining room at the Daily Grill. The '66ers in attendance were Kearney Shanahan, who hosted the event, Mike Barrett, Terry Beaty, Jack Burke, Nelson Hendler, Ken Krosin, Dave Stewart and Peter A. Wilson. By all accounts, and as confirmed by the attached photos, everyone was engaged in lively conversation and had a fabulous time.

July 12 - San Francisco

Here are photos from John Scully's suite at AT&T Park in San Francisco. '66 hosted out grand kids at the Giants game against the Philadelphia Phillies.  David Marshak, Mark Levine, and Neil Bloomfield were among the classmates at the game.

July 7 - Paris

From Jeff Shafer: "All three members of the class of '16 whom we knew to be in Paris joined Mary Lou and me for what the French would call a "pot" in our Paris pied a terre on July 7.  Our daughter Lara Shafer Bruhn '92 joined along with her husband Matt and two grandsons Simon and Owen.  We had a great conversation, and getting to know more current students made me even prouder to be a Princetonian.  They are smart, charming and ambitious.  They seemed to be thriving in the City of Lights although not immune to the difficulties of being ex pats, which we know well. From left to right are me, Tomi Johnson, Lillian Datillo, Lara, Mary Lou and Yende Grell."

June 30 - Philadelphia

On June 30th Turk Thacher hosted a wonderful '66-'16 reception and dinner at the historic Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA, which was attended by 6 members of our '16 "grandchildren" class, Mary and Walter Bliss, Libby Bliss '11 [a member of '16's "Peer" Class!], Frank Nuessle, Dorothy and Charles Plohn, and Turk and Carol Thacher.


June 24 - New York

On June 24th, 60 (yes 60!) members of our  '16 "grandchild" class and 5 members of '66 turned out for a '66-'16 "event within an event" as part of the Princeton Club of New York's Princeton Summer Mixer. The '66 attendees were Mary and Walter Bliss, Dick Malina, Mac McMorrisCharles Plohn. and Paul Segal.




June 25 - Washington

Following a Princeton-in-Washington ("PIW") 50th Year Celebration at the Capitol and in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, there was a post-event '66-'16 gathering at The 201 Bar in Washington, D.C., which was attended by approximately 25 members of our '16 "grandchild" class, 3 members of the great Class of 1966 (Nelson Hendler, Wallace Judd, and Frank Ward) plus spouses, and several senior officials from Princeton Career Services. The Class of 2016 and Career Services paid for the food and '66 bought the first round of drinks for this very august across-the-generations gathering!

The attached photo is of Julianne Jensen [Career Services, who manages the PIW program], Justin Ziegler '16 [President of '16 and coordinator of PIW this summer], and Evangeline Kubu [Career Services Director of External Relations and Operations], who is sporting a "Ziegler for President 2032" button.

June 20 - San Francisco

Tom Tureen hosted a wonderful brunch at the Elite Cafe in San Francisco for 15 members of our '16 "grandchild" class and 5 of our classmates (Neil Bloomfield, Krist Jake, David Marshak, John Scully, and Tom Tureen plus his daughter Rose) as part of the '66-'16 Summer 2015 Mentoring Program. The Elite is on Fillmore Street which was the epicenter of the 60s revolution. It is down the street from the Fillmore where many of the great rock bands played. The Café has New Orleans style food and Tom is a regular there. He had a special menu made up with Bloody Marys or Mimosas for everyone. It was delightful talking to our grandkids. Neil Bloomfield took the pictures so there are none of him.




  Other 2015 Events:

2014 Events

Los Angeles Reception

For the second summer in a row, Lois and Rich Reinis '66 hosted a '66-'16 reception at their beautiful home in Los Angeles, featuring great conversation and delicious food. Attending the August 20 event, and pictured (left to right), were Max Kaplan '16, Michael Cho '16, Ed Leamer '66, Jedffrey Tamkin '64, Rich, Mark Nixon '84, Chasmi Hssaine '16, and class vice-president Gwen Lee '16.

Houston Lunch

On August 9th as part of the '66-'16 Summer Mentoring Program, Tiny Morgan and
Rob Johnson hosted Henry Lu '16 and Brooks Powell '16 at a two-hour Star Pizza 
lunch gathering in Houston. The attached photos were apparently taken by a camera-shy Rob.

Princeton Club of New York

On August 6th more than 20 '16ers and 8 '66ers turned out for "an event within an event within an event"at the Princeton Club of New York...a '66-'16 gathering as part of the Club's summer Wet Wednesday festivities, which was hosted that evening by the Columbia Club of New York, which shares the facilities.

The '66ers were Breuel, D'Avella, TomGilbert, Malina, McMorris, Plohn, Von Kohorn and Woelk. 

Plohn Hall Cookout

On July 29th there was a '66-'16 cookout at Plohn Hall in Princeton, attended by about 30 of our '16 "grandchildren," 9 '66ers (Mary and Walter Bliss, Ley and Brian Breuel, Leighton Chen, Ernie Cruikshank, Nancy and Jim Merritt, Pam and Gary Mount, Virg and Bob Nahas, Meredith and Henry Von Kohorn, and Dorothy and Charles Plohn), and Margaret Miller and Mibs Mara, our honorary classmates from the Alumni Association. Lindsay and Justin Klitsch, both Princeton '06 and neighbors, attended in the role of emergency cross-generational interpreters! 

The weather was good, Celebrity Grill Master Bob Nahas was outstanding, and everyone appeared to have a wonderful time, as confirmed by the attached photos.

Washington, DC Lunch

According to legend, members of the Great Class of 1966 have had a lunch group for classmates in the Washington, D.C. area for almost 40 years. Although the history of the origin of the group is different according to what long-time member is telling the tale, over the years the group has met monthly for lunch, except for a summer hiatus, with rotating hosts for each event. Today membership totals 29 classmates, including a couple of out-of-towners, and the group is headed by John Edie.

As part of the '66-'16 summer mentoring program, on July 29th 4 members of '16 (including Justin Ziegler, president of our "grandchild class") joined 12 members of the '66 group for lunch in a private room at Carmine's, a family style Italian restaurant in downtown D.C. The '66ers in attendance were Nelson Hendler and John Laughlin, who co-hosted the event, Mike Barrett, Terry Beaty, Bill Bethune, John Bowman, Peter Cary, Terry Eakin, Tony Fitch, Wallace Judd, Ken Krosin and Robert Mertz.

By all accounts it was an outstanding gathering. The attached photo shows Peter Cary '16 "eating raccoon" (a long story and not on Carmine's menu) while Jessica Zou '16 and John Bowman '66 look on. [You really didn't need those class numerals!]

NYC Reception

On July 24th, Mary Lou and Jeff Shafer '66 hosted an outstanding '66-'16 catered reception at their beautiful Tribeca apartment in NYC, attended by 24 members of our '16 "grandchild class" and 5 '66ers (Shafer, Walter Bliss, Jim MacGregor, Ned Groth and Charles Plohn). By all accounts, everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time. See the 2016 Facebook page for photos (you'll need a Facebook account).

AT&T Park, San Francisco - July 12, 2014

John Scully, part of the San Francisco Giants ownership group, hosted 15 '16ers and 3 other '66ers (Neil Bloomfield, who coordinated the event, Tom Norris, and Mark Levine) in a luxury suite and 4 front row box seats right behind the plate at the Giants-Diamondbacks game at AT&T Park on Saturday, July 12th.

Evening of Finance - April 30, 2014

Jeff Shafer spoke at the Nassau Club Gun Room in Princeton. 18 members of '16 (including their class photographer) met for an "Evening of Finance" dinner/discussion. Jeff gave some introductory remarks on trends in the financial industry since the collapse of Lehman Brothers as well as job prospects in finance for current undergraduates. Our '16 "grandchildren" came prepared with numerous questions and there was a very lively discussion with Jeff and Charles Plohn responding to questions about careers in finance. [The event was way-oversubscribed and planning is already underway for similar gatherings in the fall.]


2013 Events

See our Facebook photo gallery of the 2103 events, which are also described below (You need a Facebook account to access the photos). 

Mentoring Meeting in Texas - Oct 1, 2013

Tiny Morgan reports: "Here is a photo of Oliver Quintero'16 and some incredibly handsome senior citizen with him. We had a very nice lunch and it turns out I interviewed his brother, Luis, who just graduated from Princeton last year."

San Francisco Dim Sum Gathering - Aug 25, 2013

Here are some photos from the '66-'16 dim sum gathering at Yank Sing in San Francisco on August 25th, which was attended by 8 '16ers, two of their fathers (one of whom is Princeton '80) and 4 '66ers plus some family members.

In the first photo, the '66ers are David Marshak (far left, who organized the event), Neil Bloomfield (third from left), Tom Adams (fourth from the right with a beard) and Tom Norris (second from right). By all accounts, everyone had a very enjoyable time.


Mentoring Meeting in Texas - Aug 25, 2013

The photo shows Tiny Morgan and Ellen Zhou '16. Ellen and her parents had lunch with Tiny and Betty Lou yesterday at their country club in Montgomery, TX as part of the '66-'16 summer mentoring program.

Los Angeles Reception - August 18, 2013

The photos show the '66-'16 reception on Sunday, August 18, at the home of Rich and Lois Reinis in Los Angeles. The group included 4 members of '16 and 5 members of '66 plus their spouses and some family members. By all accounts it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

The first photo is of Lois and Rich. The second photo (reading left to right) is of Ron Weinstein '66, Kelsey Kane-Ritsch '16, Kamber Hart '16, Viggo Boserup '66, Jonathan Morse '66, Rich Reinis '66, Tiffany Chen '16, Gwen Lee '16 and Paul Stella '66. [We do realize it was not necessary to differentiate this group by including their class numerals!]

Here is Gwen's thank you note: "Thank you again for hosting the event this afternoon! It was so lovely and everyone seemed to have a great time. Attached is the group picture, as well as the picture of you and your wife. It was great meeting you today. Hope to see you again at a future event!"

There are more photos in the Facebook Gallery (Click here).


New York Grandchild Class Reception - July 24, 2013

Charles R. Plohn k66 took these photos of the 20 members of '16 and 7 members plus one spouse from '66 who attended the '66-'16 "event within an event" get-together on Wednesday, July 24th, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Princeton Club of New York. This gathering featured conversation, live music on the terrace, soft drinks for the '16ers and light fare as was a part of the Club's summer "Wet Wednesdays" festivities.

66ers on hand were Walter and Mary Bliss, Bud D'Avella, Dick Malina, Howard (Mac) McMorris, Charles Plohn, Paul Segal, and Mike Witte.

The reception was part of our '66-'16 Grandparent Class relationship (click here).

Princeton Grandchild Class Cookout - July 30, 2013

As part of the '66-'16 Grandparent Class relationship (click here), the Class of 1966 hosted an informal cookout on Tuesday, July 30th, at Plohn Hall in Princeton '16 members who were in town at least a portion of this summer. About 35 members of our grandchild class and 10 members of '66 plus spouses attended.

Grandchild Class Evening of Journalism and Writing - April 7, 2013

Following the "Meet the Mayor" event (next section) several photos (taken by Charles R. Plohn k66) show the "Evening of Journalism/Writing" at the home of Lanny and Sarah Jones. '66ers in attendance (and in the photos) were Sarah and Lanny Jones, Nancy and Jim Merritt, Sally and Mike Witte, Walter Bliss, and Dorothy and Charles Plohn. There were 20 members of our "grandchild" Class of 2016 in attendance, who were selected by that class after submitting a request which included a max 100-word essay on why they should be selected. The 2+ hour event featured presentations by Lanny, Jim Merritt and Griff Witte '00 (son of Mike and a visiting professor of journalism at Princeton this semester), a short Q & A period, and then a wonderful buffet dinner prepared by Sarah and more one-on-one journalism/writing discussions. In was a great event. Here's the PAW Weekly Blog article.

Meet the Mayor - Sunday, April 7, 2013

The first mayor of the consolidated Princeton (Borough and Township as of 1/1/13) is Liz Lempert, the young lady in the middle of the picture. Attending from '66 were Walter Bliss (who put the event together), Henry Von Kohorn, Judy and Bob Rawson (who were in town for a Shirley Tilghman dinner) and Charles Plohn.

January Pizza Party

In January the Class of 1966 hosted a pizza party at Campus Club for members of the Class of 2016, our Grandchild Class. Over 171 students signed up and that number (…or possibly more) showed up to consume 50 pizzas and a whole lot of salad, cookies and soft drinks. Photos and more are in the April 3 Class Notes (or just click here); click here for the full photo album.