Dr. Robert D. Dreiss died on October 10,1970 while on duty at the Public Health Service
Hospital in San Francisco.

Bob was born on January 23, 1945 in Pampa, Texas, and came to Princeton from
Annandale High School in Virginia, where he won the Scholar-athlete award for his
performance in football, wrestling, and golf and was a member of the Senior Honor

At Princeton, Bob as a senior captained the 150-pound football team, rowed on the
varsity lightweight crew, and worked with Dr. Brace of the biology department on his
thesis. The Effects of Photoperiod on Metabolic Cycles in Euglena. He lived alone in 181
Little Hall, ate at Cannon Club, and was a Chapel Deacon and a member of the Pre-Med

The son of Colonel and Mrs. Edward Dreiss of Costa Mesa, California, bob graduated
from Baylor Medical School in June 1970 before entering into the medical practice.
Surviving him are his wife, Meredith; his daughter, Adrienne; and his parents.