Dan died August 25, 2013 in Windsor, California, from the effects of pancreatic cancer.

Dan was a star before, during, and after Princeton. In high school in his native Roswell, New Mexico, he was class and student body president, valedictorian, and basketball and baseball standout. At Princeton he was won prizes for excellence in Public & International Affairs. He played baseball all four years and was a member of Tiger Inn.

Graduating summa cum laude, he went to Chile as a Fulbright Scholar, to Johns Hopkins for an M.A. from its School of International Affairs (where he was student body president), and to Harvard for an M.A. in government.

In 1971 Dan joined the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, specializing in capital market development in underdeveloped countries, along the way creating major financial institutions in Chile, Venezuela, and the Philippines and rising to the level of vice president.

In 1997 he retired to his working cattle ranch in New Mexico, where he pursued his avid interests in southwestern archeology and conservation, while continuing to advise two Latin American investment funds.

The Class extends its condolences to Dan’s widow Sandy Jordan, his stepdaughter Julie, and his brothers Ben and Terry.


Joe Mann wrote:  "I am writing to inform you of the death of our classmate and my lifetime friend Dan Adams. He died 8/25/13 in Windsor Ca of pancreatic cancer. He had turned 70 on 7/13/13. Dan lived in Corona NM on his working cattle ranch. A few years ago he was widowed. More recently, he reconnected with a woman he met at Princeton. She lives in Windsor CA (part of the Napa/Sonoma wine region). He spent his last days with her there under Hospice care. There has yet to be a memorial service"

Sener Ozsahin: I am awfully sorry over Dan's passing away. I knew him well during our undergraduate years at Princeton. He was a great fellow in many ways, someone always to be remembered with good memories and respect. My condolences to his dear family members and all 66'ers.