Memories from the Archives

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Here is a shot taken sometime in January, 1966, on one of Bert Kerstetter and Kit Mill's near-daily visits to Paul Savidge in the Princeton Hospital.

The second is a shot of Cork'screw, a club that met at the Nass on Thursday evenings in the Spring of 1966. It took its name from its founder, Paul (Cork) Corcoran , who is alive and well and living in Austtralia.  Most of these guys are alive also...and all but but three (maybe 4 remains unidentified) are '66'ers. The list below correlates names and numbers.

1. Jeff Shafer 
2. Jolyon Sprowles 
3. Tony Carroll 
4. Larry Crowell 
5. Bruce Leslie 
6. Mike Barrett 
7. George Humphrey 
8. Charles Peischl 
9. Ken Thompson 
10. Phil Nicholson 
11. Bill Hall 
12. Bill Engdahl 
13. David Stitzer 
14. Paul Hudak 
15. John Lavieri '67 
16. Tom Snell 
17. John Canning (?) 
18. Steve Chertok 
19. Jim Bartholomew 
20. Paul "Cork" Corcoran 
21. Eric Sellix 
22. Larry Horn 
23. Stu Ball 
24. Unidentified ('67?) 
25. John Lupton 
26. Larry Scott 
27. Stan Kops '67 
28. Bob Middleton 
29. Hank Cygan 
30. John Lamb 
31. Jim Russell 
32. Fred Schonenberg 
33. Fred Forster 
34. Ralph Davies