47th Reunion & Officers Meeting 

May 31 - June 2

Here are a few photos from a great weekend - parties at the Plohns, Mounts, and 45th site, P-rade, beautiful weather, great turnout, successful 50th planning meeting, locomotives by the score, and more.49 classmates, along with spouses and guests, attended (apologies to anyone accidentally omitted):

Mike Barrett, Beverly, Bliss, Breuel, Bob Brooks, Burrill, Cruickshank, D'Avella, Dennis Davis, Eakin, Eastwick, Edwards, Fredman, Goldenson, Hart, Lanny Jones, Keetley, Kerstetter, Krosin, Lagemann, Leslie, Levy, Maliszewski, Mathieu, McCabe, McMorris, Merritt, Mill, Tiny Morgan, Mount, Moya, Nahas, Osborn, Plohn, Rawson, Remley, Sachs, Shafer, Shanahan, Sisley, Skvir, Sonnenberg, Stitzer, Hugh (Chip) Sweeny, Thacher, Von Kohorn, Witte, West, Woelk.