Dear '66 Classmates,


Today is January 19th. Tomorrow is the deadline for updating your profile page on the '66 site. Many of you haven't done this yet. This may mean that nothing has changed in the past five years, or things have changed and you don't want to tell us, or you don't read your email. We couldn't force you to submit your thesis on time and we can't force you to do this either. But we hope you will. The list of FAQs is repeated at the end.


As of this writing we've had 140 Classmates send in Masked Men photos. 140!  Never would have guessed that. At some point it all will come to an end, but we aren't there yet. Guys who have never been to Reunions have jumped in. Eternally cranky guys have jumped in. A few were dragged in kicking and screaming. Remarkably tolerant wives and partners have jumped in. So isn't it a bit ridiculous that you haven't participated yet?  This is a self-answering rhetorical question. Please join us.


For those of you still awake and paying attention, this week was another Family Week on Masked Men (see "remarkably tolerant wives and partners" above). Now of course we're happy when we just see Classmate faces because, well, they're Classmates. Tiger, tiger, tiger.....etc. But it's welcome and refreshing when other family members are part of the fun. Can you imagine Reunions without families?  We can, and we wouldn't like it.

Leighton Chen, shown here with wife Kay. Grew up in Cambridge and Santa Monica and finally Princeton, so just a few blocks to the dorms. Chemistry, WW Society, on the national champion cycling team. Ph.D. Chemistry Wisconsin. Escaped the lab and had an eclectic technology career, mostly at Bell Labs/AT&T "when it mattered."  Leighton and Kay travel almost constantly: all 50 states, 50 countries, all seven continents (see photo). Together they won a national pairs championship in duplicate bridge. Leighton also is a terrific photographer, focused on wildlife and ballet. They live in the Princeton area, two daughters '97 and '09.

Dan French, here with wife Margaret. Sociology major, Charter, WPRB DJ "Big Daddy Dan" 4-6pm, Flying Club, AFROTC, Skin Diving Club instructor. Five years Air Force active duty, retired as Lt. Col. in the Reserves. Joined his now 121-year-old family company, French Oil Mill Machinery Company (Piqua, Ohio), in 1971, became President 1982, then Chairman/CEO in 2013 when he promoted someone to run the company day to day. Has played many civic and community leadership roles, was named the equivalent of Piqua's man of the year (ask him to tell you the real name of the award). Two kids, five grandkids, he and Margaret live in Piqua.


Bob Heinze, here unmasked with grandson Andrew and daughter Currie on top, and bottom grandson Spencer, daughter Megan holding Madi, wife Betsy, granddaughter Elizabeth. From Kentucky, Chemical Engineering, Charter, freshman football, Keyceptor. S.M. Chemical Engineering MIT. Navy service working on Naval Nuclear Propulsion. Long career in chemical engineering: manufacturing, research, quality, mostly on advanced composite materials. Southern California since 1975 (he and Betsy live in Redlands), three kids, five grandkids.


Paul Mahlstedt, with wife Cris. Grew up in Finger Lakes of Central New York, major Romance Languages/Latin American Studies, Campus Club, freshman swimming, NROTC, Latin American Affairs Committee and Conferences. Fulbright in Uruguay. 22 years Navy, special assistant to Chief of Naval Operations and two four-star generals in Panama, most of career focused on Latin America. Drafted national drug control policy; then State Department managing counter-drug programs, postings in Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala. Recently helping his son establish a United World College in Colombia. He and Cris live in Pembroke Pines, FL, three kids, one grandkid.


'66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Results from Last Week. Sad to say, '66 disappointed the Puzzler Master and his committee; more was expected of us based on our past brilliance. The task was to "Identify the interstate highway that makes the most crossings from one time zone to another." This puzzler stays open with the hint that the correct answer has at least 5 time zone crossings, and the route has been field tested with a cell phone recording the changes. Going through Arizona in the summer doesn't count.


This Week's '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. This one is easily tested. What U.S. city/state combination has the most adjacent double letter pairs? For example, Haverhill, Massachusetts; Jeannette, Pennsylvania; and Tallahassee, Florida; each have three double letter pairs. The city must be an incorporated city, town, or village, with defined city limits. There may be multiple correct answers. 5 pairs is easy. Can you find 6 or more? A '66 connection, no matter how far fetched, gets extra points.


Just One More Thing - FAQs: The 55th Reunion Book and Profile

How much will it cost? Zero. It has 100% been underwritten by a group of '66ers.

What will be in there? Basic personal information: name, address, email, phone, spouse/partner, children, occupation if we know you're not retired. At least one post-50th photo of you if we have one. Anything else belongs in the Essay section.

What won't be in there? 50th Reunion essay, Nassau Herald photo, any photos from before the 50th.

What does "essay" mean? Anything you want it to mean. Personal history, anecdotes, poetry relevant to the topic at hand, post-50th accomplishments. If it isn't in the basic personal information, it belongs in the Essay section. Note: there also is a Remembrances section on the '66 website. It's broken and we can't assume that it will be fixed in a timely way. If you have remembrances, just insert them in the Essay section also.

What about personal histories I've submitted to Jon Holman or John Hart or Jim Merritt over the past few years? These already have been deposited on your profile page on the '66 website. You should check your current profile page to make sure that it's there and that you're happy with what's there. Jim Merritt will transfer them into the Essay section so that they make it into the book. Anything you want to add at this point should be added to the Essay page on the website.

What about photos I've submitted over the past few years? All photos that we know to be post-50th have been posted to your profile page, dated, and some subset of them will make it into the book. The exception is Masked Men photos, which will be in a separate section. We intend to post the pre-50th photos we've gotten but this will have to wait until after Reunions (if we give Web Guru John Hart one more job he's going to run screaming into Boston Harbor). And you can post as many photos as you like on your profile page on the website, but please be sure to label them, including date. If the date isn't there we will assume they're pre-50th.

Deadline? The official deadline for getting stuff into your profile for inclusion in the 55th book is January 20. Later information likely will be printed in a separate section just for late arrivals, so not in the main alphabetical body. And at a certain point (we'll give you some warning) you simply won't be in the book other than the basic personal information mentioned above.


The Masked Man Committee

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