Dear '66 Classmates,


Knowing as we do that learning requires repetition, we repeat: January 20 is the deadline for updating your profile page on the '66 website. Do not tarry. Go to the Great Overall Class Website and to Directory and then My Profile. Fill in everything. Also, check the FAQs about the 55th Reunion Book at the end of this email.

If you're stuck on this, contact John Hart at or 781-789-7413. Be prepared with a good joke or anecdote, or maybe geography riddle, to keep John on task. He has a tendency to wander off if we don't pin him down. But he is our Web Guru and we love him for it.

This week we have as diverse a crew of Masked Men as you'll likely see anywhere. Not diverse in the current usage of that word; remember, in 1962 the primary question for the Admissions Office was whether you were a male Caucasian from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York. One of our Masked Men last week came from Puerto Rico and that sent the Admissions Office rushing for their world atlas. Their view was sort of like the famous Steinberg New Yorker cover. Please, please don't tell us if you don't know what that is; we can't handle it. Just Google it.

Fortunately those days are behind us. But we're stuck with what we are, which indeed is mighty fine. So here are some varied men of '66, notwithstanding their inherent similarities. And, as promised, all bearded. Which probably would have caused an automatic rejection in 1962.


Bill Price. One of those New Jersey boys. Won the freshman chemistry prize so he probably would have gotten in even from Pago Pago. Mechanical Engineering, Terrace, technical director at Triangle where he met his wife Diane. Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering from Michigan, back to Princeton for many years: Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (fusion power, for which we're all still waiting), Mathematica/Mathtech (econometrics consulting), Theradex (cancer research), all as a computer scientist. He and Diane moved back to Ann Arbor 13 years ago.


David Schatz. From Illinois, majored in Slavic Languages, Ivy Club. Harvard M.A. and Michigan Ph.D., also in Slavic Languages. Spent his career in college teaching, mostly at private New College in Sarasota, most of that time as the entire department of Russian Language and Literature. Two daughters and three grandkids; one daughter is '92 and has two Princetonian sons. Are they the first '66 grandkids enrolled? David lives in Sarasota with his husband Rob West.


Dave Stewart. Born WI, school CT, but grew up in Princeton!  History major, House Chairman of Cap, VP of the UGC, Chairman of Chapel Deacons, played rugby. Yale J.D. and M.A. International Relations, L.L.M. NYU Law. Brief stop on Wall Street then 33 years in the State Department in many areas: law enforcement/intelligence, human rights/refugees, diplomatic law, ran the Iran/U.S. Claims Tribunal Office. Adjunct Professor Georgetown Law, then full time after retiring from State in 2008. Elected to the Inter-American Juridical Committee (think tank for the OAS). Four kids, two grandkids, he and Jennifer live in the DC area.


Gene Struckhoff. Came to Princeton from Maine and New Hampshire. History major, Cloister, IAA sports. J.D. Harvard. Working from New Hampshire, Gene became one of the country's experts on DWI/DUI defense, one of the founders of the National College for DUI Defense. Knows that his field is controversial; it's worth reading this. Recently moved to Montana. Avid photographer, especially of birds (his mother was a noted birder). Widowed, one son, two grandkids.


'66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler - Results from Last Week. The Puzzler Subcommittee was stunned to silence by '66's ability to find locations in State A from which you can go N, E, W, and S to enter State B while passing through no other states. The rules did say there should be a '66 connection, and the sole winner is an anonymous Puzzler Master Classmate, who has since joined the Subcommittee. PM named Greenwich, CT, the "official" answer and home to Class President Kit Mill (Hint: You can travel by boat, helicopter, foot, auto, etc.). Check it out, and note that Stamford, CT works just as well. PM and Carl Eastwick also mentioned that Washington, DC is surrounded by MD (sorry, DC is not a state. Some think it should be, but rules are rules).


From there, PM lapped the field, looking for locations where mighty rivers have changed course and isolated communities (The lawyers can check Nebraska v. Iowa, 143 U.S. 359 (1892)) or meandering rivers wind around towns, or long peninsulas jut into large lakes. Here's the rest of PM's list, all of which the Subcommittee verified. None, however, have known '66 connections with the possible exception of KC, KS. We're sure you'll let us know if we're wrong. Additional Answers: Carter Lake, IA; Ridgeley, WV; Portage Des Sioux, MO; Corona, TN; Eutaw, MS; Kansas City, KS; Sister Bay, WI; and Ephraim, WI. Everyone thought the WI locations were particularly clever, and Tom Yin added Rock Island, WI to the list.


This Weeks '66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler. The Puzzler Master has submitted a new and fact-checked entry. Identify the interstate highway that makes the most crossings from one time zone to another. I-40 going through AZ in the summer doesn't count. The number of crossings is greater than three. Numerous classmates come from a major city near one end of this interstate and others have lived along its route.


Just One More Thing - FAQs: The 55th Reunion Book and Profile

How much will it cost? Zero. It has 100% been underwritten by a group of '66ers.

What will be in there? Basic personal information: name, address, email, phone, spouse/partner, children, occupation if we know you're not retired. At least one post-50th photo of you if we have one. Anything else belongs in the Essay section.

What won't be in there? 50th Reunion essay, Nassau Herald photo, any photos from before the 50th.

What does "essay" mean? Anything you want it to mean. Personal history, anecdotes, poetry relevant to the topic at hand, post-50th accomplishments. If it isn't in the basic personal information, it belongs in the Essay section. Note: there also is a Remembrances section on the '66 website. It's broken and we can't assume that it will be fixed in a timely way. If you have remembrances, just insert them in the Essay section also.

What about personal histories I've submitted to Jon Holman or John Hart or Jim Merritt over the past few years? These already have been deposited on your profile page on the '66 website. You should check your current profile page to make sure that it's there and that you're happy with what's there. Jim Merritt will transfer them into the Essay section so that they make it into the book. Anything you want to add at this point should be added to the Essay page on the website.

What about photos I've submitted over the past few years? All photos that we know to be post-50th have been posted to your profile page, dated, and some subset of them will make it into the book. The exception is Masked Men photos, which will be in a separate section. We intend to post the pre-50th photos we've gotten but this will have to wait until after Reunions (if we give Web Guru John Hart one more job he's going to run screaming into Boston Harbor). And you can post as many photos as you like on your profile page on the website, but please be sure to label them, including date. If the date isn't there we will assume they're pre-50th.

Deadline? The official deadline for getting stuff into your profile for inclusion in the 55th book is January 20. Later information likely will be printed in a separate section just for late arrivals, so not in the main alphabetical body. And at a certain point (we'll give you some warning) you simply won't be in the book other than the basic personal information mentioned above.


The Masked Man Committee

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