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You have gotten gentle reminders about updating your profile page on the '66 website. Some of you have done so, a small percentage. So this is a not-so-gentle reminder. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE PAGE! Deadline is January 20 if you want to be in alphabetical order and not in the Late Biographies section. We hate raising our collective voices, but we must.

The 55th Reunion book, by impresario Jim Merritt again, which will be created whether we can reune in person or not, and which you will receive for free, is going to consist of post-50th narratives and photos. Only post-50th. Not your Nassau Herald picture, not your 50th Reunion essay. We already have deposited most of the post-50th photos we have with you in them, along with any narratives you have sent in (typically in response to birthday cards or other entreaties). But the vast majority of us have only pre-50th stuff in there. So please go online to the Class Website and do an update, write new words, add some photos. If you have any trouble doing this, contact Web Guru John Hart at

As reported on Friday, new year, new theme. Two pairs of Classmates with the same last names, unrelated as far as they know. The first Masked Men of 2021.


Jim Holman, here with Diana in DC. From Evanston to Princeton, Ivy, Oriental Languages & Literature including a year in Beirut. M.A. Middle East Studies Harvard. 30 years with big oil, venture management, and Carlyle Group, retired 2002. Deeply involved with Richard Wagner (multiple books and publications, Chairman of the Wagner Society of DC, teaching college level classes), maybe the best golfer in '66 (many senior championships). Long time board member of the Middle East Institute. Watch his Wagner webinar here. Jim intends to resume annual giving as soon as President Woodrow Wilson is restored to the campus.


Jon Holman. Came to Princeton from Puerto Rico, where his father had been chased by McCarthy in 1950. Politics major, Elm, Latin American Affairs Committee, Firestone circulation student manager, was known to pitch some softball. Married senior year. M.B.A. Stanford with what seemed like half of '66. Long time HR career (Pfizer, Gallo), founded his own executive search firm in 1981 and thinks he recruited more CEOs for Silicon Valley companies than anyone else. He and partner Diana live in San Francisco; he has a married daughter and grandson, she has a married son.


Macklin Smith, here with Lynette in Ann Arbor. From California and DC, English major, Tower, Chapel Choir. M.A. Harvard and Ph.D. Princeton, Comparative Lit. One of our most eclectic classmates. Anti-war activist, went in the Army to try and agitate from within, published an anti-war newspaper with other GIs. Joined the Michigan faculty, long term English professor, many publications and a book of poems (Transplant) relating to his existential struggle with leukemia. Also a renowned birder, has seen more U.S. and Canadian species (1,000) than anyone else, and 2,018 in Panama through North America. Two daughters.


Tim Smith. Came from Pittsburgh, History/German major, Dial, Chapel Deacons, Orange Key, WPRB. Fulbright to U. of Munich, J.D./M.B.A. Columbia, degree in Diaconal Studies at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Retired at 68 from a career in law and risk management to become parish deacon at the church where Tim and wife Ilia have belonged for over 40 years. Many years of volunteer work serving the needy. Ilia and Tim live in San Francisco and have a son and two granddaughters.


'66 Geographical Trivia Puzzler: Our irrepressible staff, impressed by our performance identifying triple-K cities, challenge you to identify this unique city (it might be a town, village, etc.). The city is in State A and is the home of at least one previous Masked Man and has been the home at one time or another of several Classmates and MM. The city borders State B in such a way that you can get to B by traveling directly north, east, west, or south (although you may need to start at different points in the city for each direction) without entering any other state on the way. The staff only knows one correct answer, but we might be able to dazzle and humble them once again.


Just One More Thing - Send Masked and Unmasked Photos! Join our gallery of Masked Men. All you need is a pair of photos: Masked and unmasked. Family members, spouses, partners, and pets are all welcome, as are scenic backgrounds. Humorous or unusual masks are optional.


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