Dear '66 Classmates,


In spite of the 58-42 vote referred to several editions ago, Masked Men is going to take one week off. Otherwise we would have had a release on Christmas Day, when many of us would have been bemoaning the lack of family gatherings. This seemed grotesquely inappropriate. Of course we've never hesitated to be inappropriate before, but we're trying to maintain a sense of proportion here. Whether we're succeeding is for others to judge.

Our MM release of Classmates whose last names started with B triggered a flurry of guesses, including remarkable information about towns with three K's in the name (more on that later). A modest flurry, but more than usual. It was a tricky week; there were three or more living History majors whose last names started with C, D, G. H, L, M, R, S, and T in addition to B, so that hint was good for narrowing but not dispositive by itself. And the Oriental Languages and Literature major has kept a low profile, so pinning him down was non-trivial.  One of our tougher weeks for accurate guessing.

But here they are.


Terry Beaty. Son and Grandson of Princetonians, from NY/CT. History major, Cap, freshman football and lacrosse, MBA Harvard. Spent his life in the investments business, in his own firm for many years before selling it (and still working!). Member of multiple international wine expert organizations. Active in the DC '66 lunch group, has an enormous number of non-profit involvements (Civil War Trust, Fort Ticonderoga, National Trust for Historic Preservation, many others). Endowed PU scholarship fund in his grandfather's name. He and wife Ann Louise Mehringer live in a National Register home (one segment from 1700, much from 1847) in Bethesda.


Eric Berman. Family escaped from Cuba in 1960 to New York, from which he came to Princeton. History major, Wilson Society, WPRB announcer. After graduation, worked in Puerto Rico/Louisiana/Florida using his Spanish. Marrying Joan Traffas 1980 settled him down (his words). Fulbright to Belgium, Master's from U. of Memphis in History and Romance Languages. Career in education: Memphis University School, University of Memphis, also was Dean of a start-up Jewish high school in Memphis. He and Joan live in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


John Black. To Princeton from Menlo Park, California. Ivy Club, majored in Oriental Languages and Literature, spent a year in Beirut with Jim Holman and graduated in '67. Master's from NYU in same field. Became involved in Transcendental Meditation 1968, studied with founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, became his personal assistant, taught TM teachers overseas then took over the Palo Alto TM office 1975. Now lectures and teaches by referral. On the TM international board. Lives near Santa Cruz, very active in the '66 Bay Area lunch group.


Rick Bowers. One of only two Iowans in the Class - who was the other? Latin American Studies (History/Spanish bridge), Cottage, football, golf. Current Reunions Co-Chair. Successful career in financial services, retired early to concentrate on community service and non-profits. Oversaw construction of a major art museum, developed a school-based therapy and counseling program, guided PGA golf tournament charity program to national prominence. Met his wife, Ann Spence, at Princeton in 1965, where she was a Critical Languages student. Five kids, ten grandkids, and two great-grandkids between them. After 2 years at Stanford they have returned to Boston.


Geographical Trivia: Rick is the MM from Keokuk, IA, a town containing three K's. Is there another triple-K as claimed? This bit of trivia generated immense interest and speculation. It turns are there are two other triple-K towns, and all three have names of Native American origin. Can you match Ted Hoster who found them?  Fame and glory await. Hints. The other two are in the same state, but you can't drive from one to the other without passing through a different state. One town is mentioned in a famous train song and appears in several movies. The final triple-K town once had over 7,000 people and now has 14. The Virginia Militia captured it during the Revolutionary War, and a Liberty Bell commemorates the town's liberation. One MMC member has been to all three; how many others have? Staff fact checker Ella Fynoe was impressed by our collective smarts and promises yet more geographical trivia with our first post-holiday email.


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The Masked Man Committee and all our dysfunctional staff wish you a wonderful holiday season, whatever holidays you celebrate. We'll be back in your inbox on New Year's Day.


The Masked Man Committee