Dear '66 Classmates,


The holiday spirit is beginning to bubble in to the MMC headquarters. There is some staff bickering over time off, and the debate continues as to whether it's OK to skip a week. Staff psychologist Les Angst thinks a break would be good for morale, but then he tends to be waaay too focused on feel-good stuff and never in favor of cracking the whip. He took down our attendance motivational sign which said, "If you don't come in Sunday, don't come in Monday."  The MMC thought it worked pretty well but then we can be a bit maniacal. As far as we're concerned, every week should be like the week your thesis was due.

Other than that, morale is acceptable. Maybe even 2+. Having a week focused on family photos brought back memories of when we could get together with families. We miss that, and we know you do also. So let's enjoy the families below.


John Heminway, here with daughter Lucia '24 who is dying to get to campus. John grew up in New York City, History major, Ivy, Rod & Gun Club, Flying Club, African Affairs Committee. Has had a life of adventure as a filmmaker/producer (two Emmys, two Peabodys for documentary series you've seen like The Brain and The Mind, host and producer of PBS' Travels) and writer (six books). Many years traveling and filming in Africa, many animal/conservation-oriented boards including Chairman of the Africa Wildlife Foundation, appointed by Richard Leakey to be International Chairman of WildlifeDirect in Kenya. Honorary doctorate from Montana State. He and Kathryn and Lucia live in Bozeman, Montana.


John Hoerster, here with daughter Kate and grandkids Evan and Joanna. Born CA, grew up in Seattle area, Politics major, Quad, JV basketball, lived in the Taj. Met wife Carol on a 900-mile blind date at the introduction of Dave Swayze '66. J.D. University of Washington, VISTA with Carol, then 39 years in a Seattle law firm (Managing Partner for 20), mostly M&A and healthcare law. Lots of pro bono work including for Indian tribes and the UFW. Joined a client as general counsel, retired 2016 and rejoined his old firm as Public Service Counsel; also is President of the Endowment for Equal Justice and Chair Emeritus of the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at UW. Two kids, four grandkids, he and Carol live in the Seattle area.


Sim Savage, here with granddaughter Harper (9). To Princeton from Northern Virginia, six other Princetonians in his family, graduated in 1968 "after a sabbatical enforced as a result of failing all five courses in the first semester in 1962." History major, ate at Cottage. 30 years in banking but his true love was and is the outdoors; became a consultant to L.L.Bean, ran their fly fishing school and started their wingshooting and clays schools and was a Registered Maine Guide. Has fly fished in fresh and salt water all over the U.S., Canada, and Labrador, and lives on his adventure and dirt motorcycles. He and Patty (aka Sam) live in Weaverville, North Carolina, had two sons and have two granddaughters.


Brian Wright, here with grandson Jasper (hopefully '27), daughter Kelly, wife Josie. Missing is son Rick '87 who designed our 20th Reunion logo. Came from upstate New York, Politics major, married after sophomore year but also joined Cannon. J.D. Florida, Assistant DA, then private practice in both Florida and New York. Followed his father onto the board of Wilber National Bank, ultimately Chairman, also 25 years on the board of Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, his home town. He and Josie live in both New York and Florida.

We hope this helps to get you in the holiday spirit. In that vein, the MMC asked the Wrights if they would send us that turkey as a gift but they reported that every morsel tasted as good as it looked. Drat. At the MMC we believe firmly that unasked questions don't get answered, so we had to give it a try. Though Master Yoda did teach us, "Do. Or do not. There is no try." But breaking and entering was out of the question so we were stuck.


Stas Maliszewki has an offer that can't be refused. The final request will be next Tuesday.

We need your nominations for Class Officers, either of yourself or others.  All should be directed to Stas Maliszewski (head of the Nominating Committee) at, or call him at 973-224-4935, or send him snail mail at 14301 Green Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136.


The Masked Man Committee