Dear '66 Classmates,


The guessing about couples in Masked Men 16 was.....interesting. No, there were no Critical Languages Girls in there (can you imagine the word "girls" being used today?  We think not.) Did you know that we have at least two Classmates married to women from that small august group? Extra credit if you know who those two Classmates are, but they aren't in this week's Masked Men. And everyone, we mean everyone, should have known who our cartoonist/illustrator is. You will smack your forehead in disbelief (that you didn't guess him) when his name is revealed below.

We appreciate your inquiries about our paid staff. They all went home for Thanksgiving in spite of cautionary tales from those of us on the Committee. However, as we of the MMC all are in the high risk group (i.e., older than dirt), on Monday there was a lot of temperature-taking going on around here. Fact checker Ella Fynoe and intern Jo Oznot both wanted staff psychologist Les Angst to quarantine for a week, but it turns out that's because he's irritating rather than anything to do with the pandemic. We may need a second staff psychologist to work with Les. It's hard to find good help these days, especially as one of the requirements is a willingness to work underground.

As for the members of the MMC, our Thanksgiving consisted of our usual gruel and distilled water. Also pie made from heirloom pumpkins grown on vines that have not been disturbed since the time of the Pilgrims. It was tasty, thanks.

Here we have Masked Men 16.


Doug Hansmann. Seen above with Nancy; they live in Bainbridge Island, Washington, his home state. Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences major, in the marching and concert bands, Terrace. Went to Cal Berkeley for M.S. and then Ph.D. in mechanical/bio-engineering. Career in R&D for medical devices, including VPR&D at a 3M division and then 18 years as co-founder and COO of EKOS Corporation, manufacturer of ultrasound drug infusion devices. Long time board member at Life Sciences Washington. Active flight instructor, was State of Oregon Aerobatics Champion.


John Hart, above with Linda; they live in Weston, MA, two kids and two grandkids. Came to Princeton from Baltimore (but born in CA), Math major, officer at Key and Seal, Ph.D. Computer Science from Penn. Moved from consulting to being an Associate Professor in CS at the University of Kentucky to 30 years in R&D innovation in the computer industry. Deeply involved with Princeton, including board positions with the Princeton Association of New England and chair of the large Boston area Alumni Schools Committee. Most importantly, he is the '66 Web Guru, who maintains our website and counsels us on all things technical, including for Masked Men.


Rich McConnell, above with Joy in Black Mountain, NC. To PU from St. Louis (we sure have a lot of guys from St. Louis!), English major, Campus social chairman, WPRB announcer. Played Romeo opposite Tiny's Juliet in Triangle. NROTC commission to Vietnam; if you do nothing else, read He Did Not Want to Talk About It in our 50th Reunion book, page 324, downloadable here  It will tell you what kind of guy Rich is and make you think harder about Vietnam. After Vietnam, J.D. at Washington University in St. Louis and a career as an employment discrimination trial attorney with Continental Baking and FedEx. Two kids, two grandkids.


Mike Witte and Sally, above in South Nyack, NY. A widely known cartoonist and illustrator (11,000 published), designer of every reunion logo except one and the Class logo (at the top of the page). Consultant on pitching/hitting mechanics to 20 MLB teams, writer on golf swing mechanics, NBA lecturer on how to shoot a basketball. From St. Louis (see?), English major, Cottage. Washed out senior year but wisely reverted to '66 (go to the same link as above and page 328, The Serendipity of Failure, Or, How I Flunked Out of Princeton and Became a Cartoonist). Multiple books including the pun-filled Book of Terns, working on an Edward Hopper book that will challenge conventional scholarship. Three sons including one '00, three grandkids.


PS: If you want to learn more about Mike's books, we trust you are now properly indoctrinated and know that you only need to go to the web page for the Plohn Hall Library (Click here - OK, that's the last time we give a hint).


We again say thank you to all '66 wives and partners who put up with us. We know it ain't easy.


Just one more thing ...

We need your nominations for Class Officers, either of yourself or others.  All should be directed to Stas Maliszewski (head of the Nominating Committee) at, or call him at 973-224-4935, or send him snail mail at 14301 Green Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136.


The Masked Man Committee