Dear '66 Classmates,


The Masked Man Committee is exhausted. In preparation for an onslaught of correct guesses about our wine-themed Masked Men, we lay down an appropriate number of bottles of fine grape-based beverages and engaged in several consecutive tastings. Very consecutive. Almost adjacent, one might say. It brought back memories of Houseparties weekends, though to be fair none of us remembers those weekends very well. (The analogous joke is, "If you remember the late 60's, you weren't there," but this is no time for analogous jokes. We are serious folk.)


Anyway, it's tiring to behave like that. But now we are as sober as judges. Speaking of which, we have several judges in our Class, both civilian and military, presumably also sober, and most haven't sent in photos yet. Participate lest ye be judged.


Several of you have sent in ideas for themes. NROTC members. Locomotive Award winners. Guys whose fathers went to Princeton. Hockey players. These are all great ideas and we're keeping a list. If you have an idea, send it to us.


Masked Men 15:


David Beck. How many of you have an orange tractor? From Maryland, Biochem major before there was such a thing (officially Biology), Campus Club. Marching Band drill master (i.e., blame him for the rude formations on the field), also in Concert Band. Ph.D. Biochemistry Hopkins, many years in biochem research and research administration, also a certified EMT on the side. In 2006 he and Jeanne both left research and bought a winery in Amity, Oregon, now Crawford Beck Vineyard (Crawford is Jeanne's maiden name). 50 acres in several varieties, sustainable and salmon-safe. David has been Chair of the Oregon Wine Board, also President of the Oregon Winegrowers Association. Two kids and two grandkids.

John Haeger. To Princeton from DC, WWS/Oriental Studies, spent junior year in Taiwan, ate at Wilson Lodge. By day, full time and then half time, worked in major library research organizations, first at The Research Libraries Group (consortium of major academic libraries where he was VP Planning) and then at Stanford, doing amazing things like digitizing medieval manuscripts in a joint Stanford/Cambridge program. All other hours were spent studying wine, and John has published three books and many articles. Especially if you like Pinot Noir or Riesling, no one knows more.


Bill Johnson. A Texan from Dallas and lives there still. English major, Dial Lodge, officer of Orange Key and worked on Tiger Magazine. J.D. University of Texas, LLM SMU. He and his father '42 and brother '69 left the same Dallas law firm  and founded Johnson, Johnson & Johnson in 1974. Bill both practiced law (still does) and made investments in oil, macadamia nuts, and timber, making and losing fortunes along the way. On the board of a drilling fluids manufacturing/recycling company. After much study was accepted into La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, an international organization for experts in and lovers of the wines of Burgundy. 14-year cancer survivor. Bill and Kathleen have three kids and five grandkids.


Rick Jones. A boy from Toledo, oddly enough right below Bill Johnson in the Nassau Herald as he is here. Rugby, Tower Club, Keyceptor steering committee. Another pseudo-Biochemistry major (officially Chemistry), skipped medical school for the Stanford GSB with many '66 Classmates. Public Health Service, then McKinsey in SF/Paris/Portugal (chased out by a revolution), EVP at Safeway during its major LBO. Started Jones Family Vineyards 1996, now run by his two daughters (four grandkids). Widowed, then married Elaine in 2013. Has been on many non-profit boards including the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Napa Valley Vintners Association. Lives in Calistoga, California.


The Masked Man Committee and Staff wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

The Masked Man Committee