Dear '66 Classmates,

Do you ever take a minute and think about the '66 logo above? The tiny signature on the bottom is that of Mike Witte, who designed most of our Reunions logos as well as our beer jacket one. Mike is an illustrator and cartoonist of great success and he has done as much for '66 as anyone. Including sending in Masked Men photos, to be revealed at a later date.

Our typing staff has noticed that spellcheckers play havoc with Classmate names. Lumpkin is pumpkin. Stitzer is spritzer. Kerstetter is keester. Petrowski is petrologist. Hentschke is Tashkent. This is driving our fact checker, Ella Fynoe, absolutely crazy. And why are we bringing this up other than to mention staff stress levels? Because, to paraphrase Mark Twain (or was it Benjamin Franklin or H. L. Mencken? The normally reliable Ella is at a loss), we buy our electrons by the barrel and can use them however we like.

In spite of this stress, things go well at the MMC bunker. We have arm-twisted four more guys to join in, each of them more handsome and charming than the next. Actually, one of them isn't quite so charming, but in the interest of Class cohesion we will mention no names. Together they comprise Masked Men 14.


Neil Bloomfield. From New York City, wrestler, WWS major, ate at Cloister. Harvard Law, Wall Street attorney three years, realized his folly and spent many years in California in the human potential movement. Realized that groceries were necessary and formed his own firm which he ran for many years and still does. He also developed real estate, ranched, surfed (which he likewise still does), and co-founded, ran, and sold a real estate sales brokerage firm. Neil has three daughters and four grandsons. He and Sheri live in San Rafael, California.


Gib Hentschke. To Princeton from Glendale, California. History major, President of Terrace, officer on the Bicker Committee (no, don't call him about your club assignment), heavyweight crew, Interclub Council, Chapel Choir. MA/Ph.D. Education Stanford. Met Peg at Terrace and married right after graduation. Taught at Columbia and Rochester, rose to be Dean of the School of Education at Rochester, then back to California in same role at USC, now emeritus. Executive Advisor to EY-Parthenon on the education industry. Two kids, four grandkids, he and Peg live in Rancho Mirage, California.


Dave Sonnenberg. Pittsburgh guy, joined Cannon, played baseball and football. Majored in Civil Engineering, also officer on the Engineering Council and the Civil Engineering Society. Married Carol right after graduation. Back to Princeton for a Master's in Civil Engineering, joined the Bell System and stayed there his entire career, first in engineering and then in finance, retired from Bell Atlantic. Deeply involved in both his church and golf. He and Carol live in West Chester, PA.


Steve Wells. From Darien, CT, Elm Club, History major, in Sailing and Bridge Clubs. J.D. NYU. T&E lawyer moving to finance then wealth management. NYC law firm to Morgan Stanley then Goldman Sachs, both as GC Asset Management and president of mutual funds, President of Neuberger Berman Trust. 2003 founded Solaris Group, wealth/investment management company, sold 2019 and he continues as a Sr MD. 45-year commitment to St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children, now Co-Chair, 30 years on the Princeton Schools Committee. Widowed, 4 kids and 9 grandchildren. He and his fiancee Sassy Johnson live in New York City.

Below is our '66 mask. Available only in one place on the planet. Send us the two photos and you get one. And wait, there's more!  Get your partner/spouse to join in and she/he gets one also. Likewise kids and grandkids. Free shipping!  We won't sell your address!  Be the envy of the kids on your block.


The Masked Man Committee


PS: Class Facebook Page Reminder (click here). While opinions differ about Facebook, it is the best tool there is for discussions and sharing information. An important Facebook feature is user-created interest groups. We have a private Princeton Class of 1966 Facebook group with 166 members. Only classmates can join and post on this curated and moderated page, which is a safe space to share news and discuss topics other than politics. This page is often the first place where important class information, such as class notes, death announcements, and events appear. Contact David Marshak ( who can help you set up a secure, private account where you will be opaque to other Facebook users.