Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, this has been a week at the MMC. YouknowwhatImean???  Celebrities in the house. Voting (no, not that voting. We had a bit of a struggle over Starbucks vs Dunkin' for coffee and settled it with a quick game of rock paper scissors). Guesses flying around like starlings. Intruders wanting to steal photos of the new Masked Men. We were forced to retain all three executive recruiters in the Class (Scherck, Nahas, and Holman) to find us a Staff Head of Security just to keep the thieves and paparazzi away. Les Angst had to keep the three recruiters in separate rooms lest some inappropriate heads get hunted.

Anyway, it has been an ordeal. Stimulating, energizing, terrifying at times, but with this release of Masked Men 13 we're hoping it will quiet down. Our new Head of Security, C. Howie Runn, already is asking for extra vacation days. Little does he know what he's gotten himself into. Indeed, little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. What started as a fun little exercise has turned into a round-the-clock enterprise with permanent staff, embossed stationery, and we have our eyes on a small corporate jet. Class President Kit Mill just doubled all our salaries from zero to twice that.

But enough of this space-filling wordsmithing. We have billed this as the All-Star edition. We have no fear of being contradicted. These are four Classmates with such a history of contributing their time and souls to the University that there's no question they belong on these pages. Many others of '66 have done amazing things. But these are special guys. So we thought they deserved their own Masked Men release. If the biographies seem longer than usual, they should be. Judge for yourself.


Chris Eisgruber. "What?," you say! Of course he's a Classmate. Honorary Classmate, selected by '66, one of just a handful in our long history. Proud owner of a '66 50th Reunion jacket. Came to the Class of '83 from Oregon (where he captained the U.S. National High School Chess Champion team), Physics major, ate at Elm, edited a national student science journal (INQUIRY). Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, J.D. from Chicago, Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. Two clerkships, the second with Justice John Paul Stevens. 11 years teaching at NYU Law, renowned Constitutional scholar and author. Came to Princeton in 2001 as Director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs at the former WWS, also the Laurance Rockefeller Professor of Public Affairs, promoted to Provost in 2004 and President in 2013. Has distinguished himself and the University by his public statements about free speech, inclusivity, and the importance of giving back through service. He and Lori live in Princeton and have one college-age son. And if you have amazingly keen eyes, over his shoulder you'll see a framed '66 birthday card.


Charles Plohn. A New York City boy, joined Cloister, majored in the former WWS. Wharton MBA. Two years active duty Naval Reserve. Spent over 45 years on Wall Street, most with Merrill Lynch specializing in corporate buybacks and insider sales. '66 officer three times including President, during which time he helped create the "grandfather" class relationship with '16. P-Rade Marshal for 20 years including Grand Marshal for five. Served on the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council, Chair of the 75th anniversary steering committee at WWS, also created the Plohn Scholar Thesis Research Fund there. He and Dorothy have hosted many '66 events at Plohn Hall in Princeton on Library Place, also the location of the '66 Library (all authors from '66) where the unmasked Charles is seated. Two kids, five grandkids.


Bob Rawson. Son of Shaker Heights, Ohio, where he still lives. Another WWS grad (guys who were willing to work hard), member of Cap, chaired the Honor Committee of the UGC, was our Class President at graduation and again later. Rhodes Scholar, J.D. Harvard. After that not much happened.....only Partner-in-Charge of Cleveland, the home office of the Jones Day law firm (took a several year break to be Dean of the School of Law at Case Western Reserve); 20 years on the Princeton Board of Trustees including 13 as Chair; ran the search resulting in Shirley Tilghman being hired; honorary doctorate from PU; on the National Council of Teach for America, little stuff like that. He and Judy (aka the Mayor of Shaker Heights) have two kids (including Alex '01)
and four grandkids.


Henry Von Kohorn. From Greenwich to Princeton, History major, star catcher on the Elm softball team, Glee Club. MBA Columbia, then survived being a Lieutenant in the Army, seven years with Goldman Sachs and then many years as head of his own real estate investment company. Class officer. Will always be in our Hall of Fame for two reasons: founding the Princeton Prize in Race Relations, one of the most extraordinary events in Princeton history, and winning the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. Incomprehensibly a lifelong Yankees fan; played some baseball with The Mick, has a dog named The Scooter (above), prior dog was The Babe. Was going to name one of his kids Mariano but Meredith put her foot down. Along the way he was Chair of the Alumni Council, President of the Alumni Association, and Chair of the Princeton Schools Committee. Lives in Princeton (where else?), two kids, five grandkids.


Hey! Are there four better people anywhere? And the MMC would like to say that though we don't know Chris' wife Lori Martin, who is a partner in a major New York law firm and by all accounts an awesome person, the other three wives named above are, as Bill and Ted said in their adventure movie, "Most excellent!". Great contributors to '66 in their own right.

Now, we don't want to state the obvious. Well, actually, we do. Chris Eisgruber participated in Masked Men. Let's just ask the question, "How many university presidents would have the humor and grace and self-confidence to join in this kind of fun adventure?" Charles, Bob, and Henry participated in Masked Men. And you haven't? Really?

This is all voluntary. But it's an opportunity to be part of something which everyone is enjoying, which is uplifting in complicated times, which lets the rest of us know more about you, and which you can share with your kids and grandkids. Not even chocolate chip cookies can accomplish all that, plus this is heart-healthy and not fattening. So, as hard as it is for us to set joking aside even for a moment, please join in. Just respond to this email with two photos, one masked and one unmasked. Family members and dogs welcome.

The Masked Man Committee

See our Masked Man Archive here.


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