Dear '66 Classmates,

One of you writes:  "I'm not in the mood to submit photos. What are you going to do about it? Sue me?"


Despite the surfeit of attorneys in '66, we have no intention of using them in such unpleasant ways. What are we, heathens?  Would we stoop so low? We would not. But this does bring up the question of our motivation protocol. We have been refining this with MMC staff psychologist Les Angst, and we think we have it honed to a fine point. The sequence of steps will vary slightly depending on what we know about the individual Classmate, and you would be startled to know what we know. But the typical sequence goes something like this:

1. Send out Class-wide broadcast emails like this one. One hopes that this would be enough in all cases, to spare additional work on our end and embarrassment on yours. But in cases where the kindest and gentlest approach doesn't work.....
2. Personal emails from one of the MMC or from a recruited helper (e.g., from a member of the Boston Lunch Group to other attendees).
3. Personal phone call as in #2.
4. Small group public shaming (e.g., one roommate writing to five others including to Charley, saying that Charley is the only one of us who hasn't sent in photos.)
5. Large group public shaming (e.g., calling out specific names in our broadcast emails).
6. Enlisting wives and partners. No more need be said here.
7. Sending Stas Maliszewski or Paul Savidge to your home to exercise moral suasion.

So far we haven't had to resort to #7, but Stas and Paul stand at the ready. Don't make us go there.

As you know, Masked Man 12 was a different exercise. Five victims....uh, we mean five participants. Group photo. We figured we would be deluged with correct guesses. And in fact the response was greater than usual. And Tiny Morgan jumped into the "all correct" competition; the gauntlet has been thrown!  Quite a few of you recognized Hilton Head as the location. If you got that, it wasn't hard to go to other sources to find out who lives in Hilton Head, though it turned out to be a bridge too far for some of you. Fantastic lovely place. So here are the '66 residents, in order L-R.


The masks make us want to say "Free the Hilton Head Five!"  But that makes no sense, so we'll restrain ourselves.


David Ames. Son of Connecticut. Played soccer, joined Cap, Architecture major, Master's in same at Penn. Moved to Hilton Head in 1973 when it was mostly cows and campers (3,500 people, now 40,000) and has played a major role in the look and feel of the island, running his own planning and development firm, many leadership roles in children's and education non-profits, and now a member of the Town Council. He and Nancy have two daughters and two grandsons.


Bob Bedell. Came from Ohio, brother Jim is '68. Religion major (another deep thinker like our Masked Men last week), ate at Tiger, sang with the Tigertones, seemingly played every position on the football team (we remember quarterback, receiver, and holder for Charlie Gogolak, but probably there were others). Wharton MBA. Chief Marketing Officer at HBO with Biondi, Redpath, and Thomas (see below), then co-founder and EVP of Viewer's Choice, the first pay-per-view company. Also many years doing high level consulting. Two kids, one of them '01.


Keith Jennings. Came from CT and NJ, was dazzled by Bill Bowen in Econ 101 and decided to major in it. Runner-up for Economics Prize. Underachieving athlete: Captain of the tennis team and All American in squash. Says he learned at least as much from his classmates and the overall Princeton experience as from his professors. Member of the New England and Lawrenceville School Athletics Halls of Fame. Currently in his 50th year managing investment portfolios. Lives both in Hilton Head and the Philadelphia suburbs. He and Bev have two daughters, one of them '95.


J. David "Stitz" Stitzer. From Bucks County PA. EE major, joined Charter, both same as his brother Allan '69. Soccer center forward, still had time to win the IAA Straight Pool Championship 1965. MBA Cornell. Founder of Industrial Nameplate many years ago, sold it and founded a racquetball club, then bought back the troubled Industrial Nameplate and ran it until selling it to his son John. Our '66 Treasurer, has run food for 7 consecutive Reunions. After 71 years in PA, he and Cristy Robertson moved to Hilton Head, where he serves on the board of the Princeton Club. Two kids and five grandkids.


Rich Thomas. New Jersey boy, swam and played lacrosse, left and served in Vietnam and other parts of Asia as a linguist, came back and graduated with '71 in East Asian Studies. Refused to be connected to any other Class and insisted on remaining part of '66, so we know he has good judgment. Ate at Tiger. Worked in packaged goods, then at HBO (see above), then Comcast and QVC. Founded two companies, also had a 380-animal ranch plus petting zoo. Moved to Hilton Head with Suzanne (Sooze) in 1997, continued being an entrepreneur, lots of volunteer and board work in history-related organizations. Recently authored a book about Beaufort County, SC.

We asked if the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce had been involved in this photo exercise. Four of the guys had no comment; the fifth sent us a check and asked that we drop the subject. We cashed the check and used it for the MMC Happy Hour, which is badly needed every day after wrestling over insults and debate over what constitutes entertaining writing.


So, now to flash back to earlier times, specifically the list above of #1-#7. Take this list to heart. How much humiliation are you willing to endure? Wouldn't you simplify your lives, reduce your anxiety, satisfy the MMC (we are easily satisfied), and save yourselves some irritation just by sending us the two photos? This is easier than going to Rutgers! You know your short-term memory is waning; jump up now and do it before you forget.

The Masked Man Committee
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