October 27, 2020. #11. Deep Thinkers


Dear '66 Classmates,

The pressure got too great, and we have hired Les Angst as our staff psychologist. He isn't here all the time, as his motto is "Les is More," but he's remarkably good at teambuilding and group dynamics issues. The rate of physical altercations among the Masked Man Committee members is down considerably. Which is good, because half the Committee is large and strong, and half isn't. Can't we all just get along?

Here is what we've discovered about getting your photos. If one of the MMC asks directly, one on one, by email or phone, almost everyone sends us photos. Even Classmates from places where they don't need masks. It's harder to get you cats herded via broad appeals like the ones in these emails. But direct 1:1 appeals are time consuming, and although this may come as a surprise to those of you who think we have nothing else to do, we have other things to do. So we request, humbly, WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND IN SOME DAMN PHOTOS??!!

Sorry, our Web Guru got hold of the keyboard there for a second, and he's known for his flaming emails. You know, like your crazy Uncle Charley on Facebook?  In fact some of us may be that crazy Uncle Charley. And we don't want to insult anyone or make you feel bad. On the other hand, you notice we didn't erase what he wrote. We know you mean to get around to it. How about today?

You'll recall that this is deep thinker week, Philosophy and Religion majors. As you can see below, notwithstanding the complexity of their minds and the abstract nature of their chosen fields of study, they are a diverse and interesting lot. Or so they tell us when trying to explain why most of them are neither philosophers nor clergy. But far be it from us to sit in judgment. How many of us worked in a field directly related to our undergraduate majors? Liberal arts education, remember? Learning how to learn. Etc.


Allan Horwich. One of only two Classmates from Nebraska (other was Eugene Severens, now '67). Managed to bridge our Philosophy/Religion "deep thinker" concept by writing his Philosophy thesis on "The Nature of Religious Language," which he insists he understands. Ate at WWS, went on to Chicago Law for a J.D. Spent his entire career at Chicago-based firm Schiff Hardin (where he worked with our Classmate Fred Hartmann), specializing in complex securities defense, where he remains active. Evolved over time into teaching securities law at Northwestern (Pritzker) Law, ultimately and currently active as a Professor of Practice (i.e., he has walked the walk, practiced what he teaches). He and Carolyn live in Chicago and have four kids (including Ben '99) and ten grandkids.


Bert Kerstetter. Came to Princeton from Beaver Falls, PA, where he was fullback on the amazing high school football team quarterbacked for a year by Joe Namath. Joined Cottage, highly successful fullback on the Princeton football team (17-1 our last two years). J.D. from Yale, for many years until recently was CEO and Chairman of the highly successful Calico Corners retail chain. Generously underwrote a Princeton Professorship which bears his name. Lives in Pennsylvania and Quebec, two kids.


Dan Skvir. Perhaps the first to marry a Princeton undergrad (Dan was not the first to marry a Princeton student. Do you know the details?).  Met Tassie Turkevich (daughter of John, PU Chemistry prof) when she was in the Critical Languages program and married 1967. Came from Jersey city, Religion major, co-founder of the Princeton Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Played clarinet in the Marching Band. Has lived in Princeton since 1962 except for 3 years getting his B.D. at St. Vladimir's Seminary.  41 years at Princeton Day School teaching and guiding USSR/Russia tours, also has volunteered for over 30 years as the University Orthodox Chaplain. Deeply involved in liturgical and Russian music. Two kids, four grandkids.


Norm Tabler. A Religion major from Indiana, followed his brother '65. Ate at Campus. MA in Religion from Yale "but I couldn't serve both God and Mammon" so then J.D. from Columbia, spent his professional life on health law, both in one law firm (twice) and as General Counsel of an Indiana hospital system. Very funny writer (read his 40th Reunion essay), wrote jokes for four Indiana governors and Indiana Public Radio. The pinnacle of Norm's career in humor occurred in 2016 when he won the New Yorker cartoon caption contest (can you name the other 1.5 known classmates who have won the contest?). Class officer and Memorialist; you won't get to read what he writes about you in PAW but you can read about others. One child, one grandchild, one Bulldog (Albert), he and Dawn live in Indianapolis.

Do you have a mobile phone?  Do you send texts to your kids?  Do they answer them?  No need to answer that last question. Take out your phone. Ask the person you see most (Amazon delivery guy?) to take your photo, one masked and one unmasked. Send it to us. If you're having trouble figuring out who "us" is, send it to Jon Holman jsh@holmangroup.net (who maintains the '66 Archive) or to our Web Guru John Hart jmhart62@gmail.com. Or just reply to this email. Your photos will be forwarded to the MMC for inclusion in a future release.

The Masked Man Committee
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