October 13, 2020  #9


Dear '66 Classmates,


The Masked Man Committee could hear your guffaws and knee-slapping all the way in our underground bunker. We got lots of accurate guesses also, including four correct ones from - who else - Lumpkin and Nahas.


We're hoping that the over-the-top creativity of the participants in Masked Men 9 will move the recalcitrants among you to send us photos. Maybe get your roommates to send in photos also? We could have another Roommates Week. How about a Cottage Week, or a Triangle Week, or a "I Passed Orgo" week? We like themed weeks but we need more participants to make them happen.


One Classmate told us he feels he looks old and thus is reluctant. The Masked Man Committee has news for you: we are in fact old! Not ancient, not decrepit, not useless, but definitely old. Mostly we look about as old as we are; if you doubt that, look at the photos below. Were they worried about looking old?  Maybe, but it didn't stop them. And if Paul Savidge, one of the three toughest guys ever to walk the planet Earth, had the grace and charm to create and wear that mask, you're worried about how you look? The MMC, in perfect barbershop harmony, sings, "Give us a break!" Jump in. The water's fine.


BTW, the webmaster wants to remind everyone that you can now see all the previous unmaskings on the class website - just click here.


Here we have Masked Men 9 in all their glory.


Ernie Hutton.  Can you guess that he was Editor of Tiger magazine? Politically incorrect then, politically incorrect now. Came from Virginia, Architecture major, played rugby, joined Cap. Got master's degrees in both architecture and city planning at Penn, spent his career advising cities and towns on how to do it right, won many awards which proved he knew what he was doing. Reputed to be the only Classmate who understood Reinhold Neibuhr. Co-founded New York New Visions after 9/11 to advise the city on how to rebuild. Five kids including Lizzie '93, spends all his money and spare time on the 1881 house he and Anne own in Westhampton Beach, NY.


Harlan Levy. Connecticut native, English major who wanted to be a doctor, ate at Terrace, played tennis, Nassau Lit writer, on campus lived next door to Tiny, who complained, "Too much weekend huffing and puffing."  J.D. NYU, came to his senses after 5 years at the FCC, then 48 years as a journalist: BBC, radio reporter in Natick MA, TV reporter in Richmond, Miami (Emmy winner), West Hartford (NBC), New York Times freelance writer 2000-2009, Hartford Journal Inquirer reporter/columnist 1997-2017. Now consumer columnist and voice-over narrator. He, Pattie, and dog Latke live in West Hartford. Two kids, award-winning jazz singer Allegra and jazz critic/author/musician Aidan.


Tiny Morgan. Like LeBron and Oprah, all you need to know is his first name. Houston boy who came to New Jersey for four years and fled back after practicing law in DC for 30 years, where he helped start the '66 lunch group. History major, Social Chairman (of course) of Key, sang and danced his way through Triangle. J.D. at U of Texas, rose to run the Texas office of a large law firm, specializing in energy law, then went out on his own before retiring. Along the way was President of '66, helped run Reunions, renowned for helping lead the Locomotive cheer for each graduating class. Still singing in choirs. He and Betty Lou live in Houston.


Paul "Red" Savidge. One of our Class athletic giants. New Jersey boy, majored in Psychology, ate at Tiger. Captain of the 1965 8-1 football team, broke vertebrae in his neck in the final game against Dartmouth, derailing his professional football hopes. Also a wrestler. Went to Columbia for medical school, worked for many years as an OB/GYN and won the Maine Family Planning Award. Recently switched into trying to help with our national opiate addiction problem. Winner of the unofficial "Most Creative Mask Award" until someone takes it away from him (the award, not the mask). He and Mary live in Falmouth, Maine.


We are not beyond getting on bended knee, but not quite ready to do that. You can keep us heathens upright by sending in photos. One masked, one unmasked, just like the fine '66ers above. Men of character and distinction. Men who know "Our hearts shall give, while we shall live...." and we aren't talking about money. Photos. Images. "Printed" and sent by totally free electrons. No, we don't want commentary from Chem majors about whether electrons are particles or waves. Just send the photos and prepare to smile.

The Masked Man Committee