September 29, 2020 #7


Dear '66 Classmates,


Do you see the scribbled signature on the tiger image above?  In case you didn't know, the artist is our own Mike Witte, who started with our '66 beer jacket logo and has been working for us indefatigably ever since. This very same logo is emblazoned on the '66 masks which you - yes, you - can own by just sending in a pair of masked/unmasked photos or making a correct guess about one of the Masked Men whose photo we show you. Already 76 such masks have been mailed out to classmates. Not available anywhere else, at any price, custom made just for us.


This is what it looks like:

We've gotten photos with some pretty nice masks. But give us a break!  Is there a mask anywhere that cries out '66 and Princeton better than this?  You know what you have to do.


Now, you'll recall that this past Friday we released Attorney Week from Masked Men Central. We had '66 attorneys clamoring for inclusion, but only four could make it this first time. Using the time-tested wet-finger-in-the-air and Brownian Motion techniques, we selected the four we did. This left some battered and bruised, but attorneys are made of stern stuff and the others picked themselves up and made it home. All in all they proved hardier than when last seen at Houseparties senior year.


Without further delay, Masked Men 7.


Robert Chester. Robert is a New York City boy. While at Princeton taking Politics courses, he worked as the Playboy rep on campus. Discretion is the better part of valor here. He parlayed this, easily, into a role as Social Chairman at Charter. Roomed among others with Larry Horn, which we mention only because Larry is below. Army National Guard, USC Film School, J.D. from NYU, went into entertainment law (he was in Triangle), ended up as CEO of Lions Gate Films and then non-profit hospital Barton Healthcare. Chaired the Board of an international development organization. Was a long time Board member and on the Executive Committee of the ACLU and President of ACLU Nevada. He and Jennifer live in Zephyr Cove, Nevada (Lake Tahoe).


John Edie. John escaped Minnesota winters to come to Princeton, where he majored in History and actually lived at Cottage, which had to undergo a major remodel after he left. Played sports and was a well-known "undefeated" cheerleader (football 9-0, home basketball undefeated). After getting his J.D. at Cal, he played several senior non-profit-oriented legal roles, including as General Counsel for the Senate Special Committee on Aging, for the Council on Foundations, and at PWC. Well known for his zany trips with Bowers and MacMurray, with photographs wearing (we say, understatedly) very unusual outfits. He also has been cheering wildly from the sidelines for more grandchildren, of which he has 12 (five kids, two of whom went to PU). He and Gail live in Bethesda.


Steve Herrmann. Unless you were asleep 1962-66, you know Steve's name. At one point or another he ran everything on campus. Class President, Chairman of the UGC, on the Bicker Committee (feel free to phone Steve after midnight ET if you still have complaints). Played rugby and roomed with one of the Masked Man Committee. Came to Princeton from Delaware; Politics and Tower Club. J.D. from UVA, hired very early at the EPA and was a primary drafter of the Clean Water Act. Raced back to Delaware and has been there ever since, as a Partner in environmental law and corporate litigation at the RLF firm. Bored in retirement, he founded the American College of Environmental Lawyers. He and Susan live in Wilmington. Two kids, one a Princetonian.


Larry Horn. One of those Princeton rarities ;-), a New Jersey boy. Even rarer, one of the very few who transferred in, as a sophomore. Majored in History, joined Elm, the slickest-fielding first baseman on campus. As mentioned above, roomed with Robert Chester, and both went to NYU for a J.D. Two kids, one a Princetonian who graduated on the day of his 25th wedding anniversary. Became Assistant U.S. Attorney in New Jersey, ultimately running the high profile tax division (you haven't seen white collar tax crime until you've lived in New Jersey). Moved to the private sector and spent 48 years in one firm, defending criminal tax cases. He and Jackie live in Florham Park.


The Masked Man Committee wants you!  No, we aren't reinstituting the draft. You don't need to break out your muskets. But you do need to break out your cameras. 76 of us have, but we have a long way to go. Are you enjoying reading about the Masked Men? Does leisure like this come for free?  Well, it comes at zero dollar cost but significant psychic cost if you don't join in. Use the four Classmates above as motivation.


The Masked Man Committee