September 15, 2020 #5


Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, after much consultation, the Masked Man Committee has decided to give better (which is to say easier) hints. We have a few determined guessers and a very long list of looky-loos.  We keep forgetting that even though President Goheen told us in September 1962 that we all were valedictorians, football captains, and student body presidents with 4.0 averages and 1600 SAT scores ("look to your left, look to your right"), some of us have evolved into normal mortals who either can't or won't spend their days scanning the Nassau Herald and 50th Reunion book for identifying data.  We get it.  Don't want you to feel bad.  It's OK.  Everyone can be a winner. Just keep sending in masked and unmasked photos and next Friday the hints will be easier.


So, our Masked Men 5.


Larry Cromwell (who some will remember as Larry Crowell), Larry came to Princeton from Mattituck High School on Long Island, majored in Biochemistry and joined Elm, where he played IAA sports with one of the Masked Man Committee. He went on to Stanford for his MD, and ultimately was able to provide  the hint-filled photo above, having joined the faculty at the Dartmouth Medical School in 1985, recently renamed The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth after Theodor S. Geisel (Dr. Seuss). The MMC debated whether to accept this photo into our highly competitive program, but decided by split vote that there's no arguing taste, Now Emeritus, Larry practiced and taught as a radiologist. He was head of neuroradiology and Vice-Chairman of the Department. He and Debby live in Etna, New Hampshire.


Phil Hansen. The hints in these two photos were dead giveaways. Should have been, anyway. Phil was a stalwart of the lightweight crew. He came to us from Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania, joined Campus, and majored in Chemistry. One of the MMC took Alyea's chemistry courses and declared victory; Phil went on to a Ph.D. from Cornell. After some years as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, he left the lab and ultimately became a partner in a law firm specializing in intellectual property. And he kept rowing, and rowing, hoping he would get good at it. After 58 years, he's starting to see signs of improvement. He and Dianne live in Albany, New York.


Dave Lee. Did you get the photo hint?  Dave is a sailor. He spent his life in very senior roles in the publishing industry, but according to Hallie (they live in the Boston area) worked at his career on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings and spent the rest of the time on the water. Still does. Dave went to Toms River High in New Jersey, majored in English, ate at Campus, and was a tough-as-nails rugby player. MBA from Harvard after U.S. Navy destroyer duty. Factoid: at age 11, he and one of our classmates were able to visit the U.S.S. Nautilus (world's first nuclear submarine) on its maiden voyage; Dave's father was a Navy officer. Ask him about "The Hand;" unfit for publication.


Bruce Leslie. Trickiest hint of the group; see his hat. Yes, of course, he's a historian. Came from Millburn High in New Jersey, swam, ate at Elm, majored in.....History. Ph.D. in Education from Hopkins, well known author and historian of education, Prof at SUNY Brockport and also lives in Princeton. On the council of Friends of the PU Library and ran a committee on the Alumni Council. He and Tessa have commuted back and forth from England (where she lives) to the U.S. for over 25 years, proving clearly that he's a better man than most of us.

Well, you've now survived the first 20 Masked Men. Many more to come. Better hints to come. Hopefully more guesses to come. And, please, take those photos now. As you can see above, they don't have to be head shots, though those are fine. You have some coming in funny poses, with kids and grandkids masked, with truly outrageous masks, every variation possible. So be a bit creative. Remember fun?  That thing we used to have before COVID?  This is a chance not only to have some fun yourself but to bring a smile to others.

The Masked Man Committee, still in hiding