October 8, 2020. #4


Dear '66 Classmates,


We now have 56 masked photos in hand. A good start. Enough to carry us for about 10 weeks. But we have over 650 living classmates!  Where are the rest of you?  Don't make us come hunt you down - remember, we know where you live. Jump up!  Grab your phone. Even grab a camera if you know what that is. You spend more time turning on the TV and switching to Netflix than we're asking you to spend here. And the cost is zero. Zero! Such a deal.


Our four masked men are a fine upstanding group. Surly at times, hard to corral, but ultimately you can dress them up and take them out. Unclear if their respective wives agree with that last statement but we're not going to ask for fear of being told the real truth. A special shout-out to Wendy Gaal below and all the spouses and partners who have played along with our tomfoolery. Also two dogs who have joined in, and of course kids and grandkids. None of them are surly.


Steve Gaal. A proud son of Merrick, New York, Steve was an Electrical Engineering major and a member of Tiger. Also a roommate of Paul Segal, below. He and Wendy live in Portland, Maine. After Princeton Steve got a Master's in EE and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley back when computer science hardly existed as a discipline (which is why it was in the EE department at Cal), worked in technology, and then spent many years as a highly successful venture capitalist in Boston. As nearly as we can tell he spent more time sailing than doing anything else, and still does.


Glenn Goltz. If you don't know who Glenn is, well, that's just pitiful. Our renowned Class Secretary, impresario of Class Notes in the PAW. Came to Princeton from Waukesha, Wisconsin and from the same high school as David Williams, below, also his roommate. Glenn majored in History, ate at Elm, and in very short order married Barbara, who for reasons yet unexplained kept him until now. They have lived in San Diego for over 50 years. He got an M.D. from the University of Wisconsin and spent many years as an ophthalmologist until he realized that sailing his canal boat on the French waterways was more fun, and for over 20 summers that's what he and Barbara did.


Paul Segal. Paul came to Princeton from Brooklyn, and although widely traveled has spent much of his life in New York City. He majored in Architecture, joined Cloister, and as reported above roomed with Steve Gaal among several others. He is one of our few dual Princeton degree holders, with a Master's in Architecture also. For 39 years he was in partnership with Michael Pribyl '66 *69; Michael, where are your photos?  He had many notable clients, most notably John Lennon at The Dakota, where Paul also lived, but including many well known (e.g., cover of Time Magazine) others. He still teaches at the grad school level at Columbia and Pratt, and he and Christine live in both Manhattan and Connecticut.


David Williams. David is one of our wandering classmates having lived in San Francisco, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin and now Massachusetts. David and Glenn Goltz came to Princeton together from Waukesha, Wisconsin as part of Princeton's "Geographic Distribution" effort. He married Lynn in 1966. David spent much of his life in the automotive world, ultimately as chief executive of the Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association. He and Lynn live in Boston. Their daughter, Gwyn Williams '88 and David Kreisler '88, also live in Boston with three children.


As for the rest of you, no more excuses. Not feeling quite as spiffy and handsome as you used to feel?  Hate to break it to you, but we all look better in masks than without. You should see the scoundrels in the Masked Man Committee!  Scary characters. And all of '66 is loving learning about one another. Please send in some photos today (matching masked and unmasked, of course). We even promise to let you review your short biography before we print it.

The Masked Man Committee