September 1, 2020, #3


Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, we're getting the hang of this. Classmates who haven't been heard from in years are jumping in. Hermits, anarchists, guys who didn't graduate with us, fencers, famous and infamous, Classics majors, and some who never left the Engineering Quad. Having an unusual story only makes you more interesting. But, story or not, thinning hair or not, crazily rich or richly crazy, we want to hear from you. This is the week in which we want to get your photos, one masked and one unmasked.


One Classmate, to be identified in a future edition, sent a photo from a visit to a financial institution with the following line: "I never thought the day would come when I would put on a mask, walk into a bank, and ask for money! But in these strange times I did."  Shades of Woody Allen.


The last set of four was a tough one. Hey, who ever said it was going to be easy?  What did you think this was, Penn?  This is serious business. If anyone ever gets all four it will be because of deep research.


Ted Hoster. You'll recall that all four of our Masked Men were in eating clubs starting with the letter C. Ted was in Charter. He came to Princeton from Ohio, majored in Politics (as did one of the Masked Men Committee), and has an MBA from Dartmouth. After living in the east, Ted and his late wife Linda decamped for Colorado, where Ted now lives, and where he has pursued entrepreneurial ventures and grown admirable facial hair.


John Lumpkin. One of our very early class officers, elected in sophomore year, John came to Princeton from South Carolina and is proud to have had three other public school grads (Jon, Bob, and Chuck) as roommates freshman year and as good friends 58 years later. John majored in History and was a member of another "C" club, Cottage. He went back to his beloved South Carolina for law school and has been a most influential South Carolinian ever since with a variety of business, real estate, and community activities. His lovely wife Emily has been able to keep him under a semblance of control.

Jim McAfee. In spite of the fact that he hasn't been seen unmasked since 1977, Jim had a 33-year distinguished career at The Fed, finally as Senior VP and General Counsel in Richmond. He came to Princeton from Florida, majored in English, and was in Colonial. He then got his J.D. from The University of Florida, and today he and his wife Deirdra live in Virginia.  If you're on Facebook he has the best photos ever on there.


T.R. Reid. T.R. came to us from Michigan. By majoring in Classics, he either proved that your major doesn't matter or Classics is fabulous career preparation. He was a member of Cloister and went on to get a J.D. from George Washington. Some know T.R. for his many books, his roles as foreign correspondent for the Washington post and NPR, his work to enhance our relationship with Japan, or his charity and political leadership in Colorado. In fact, however, he is most beloved in our hearts as one of the protagonists of the great Joseph Oznot caper. He lives in Denver with his partner Sachiko Nakahira.


Ahem! It's your turn. Attention must be paid. Please send in your matching masked and unmasked photos today. Thanks.


The Masked Man Committee