August 25, 2020. #2


Dear '66 Classmates,


Well, one of us, John Lumpkin, managed to identify three - yes, three - of last week's Masked Men.  Unexpected, startling, and commendable.  Maybe the hints will need to get harder.  Actually, John got two out of four the prior week, the only person to do so.  It may be that John has bribed our very secret accounting firm or has broken our deeply complex NSA-quality encryption algorithm, or maybe he just did the hard work.


So, after a quick imaginary drum roll, here are the answers.


Tom Adams.  Tom lives with his wife Joan in Livermore, California, was the member of Terrace on our list, majored in Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton and has a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  He taught and did research in astrophysics, before working at national laboratories in Los Alamos and Livermore, where he used big computers to simulate stars, underground explosions, and other national security work that isn't reportable here.


Rick Bradstreet.  Rick and Lesley live in Austin, Texas, and Rick was the member of Campus on our list.  He graduated from the now-renamed Woodrow Wilson School and has both a J.D. from Stanford and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.  After initial work in public service and municipal government, he pivoted into trying to help people, working for many years as a police psychologist (a position he created), therapist, mediator, educator, and student of the Enneagram.


John Lamb. John and his husband Maxime live in Palm Springs and also in Paris.  He was the member of Elm on our list.  John majored in History and has a J.D. from Yale. Without strong technical underpinnings, he worked for many years at Nortel and then at EDS, bringing business expertise to computer/Internet problems. Along the way he developed a deep interest in old homes, real estate, French culture, and art (he also studied art in graduate school).


Kit Mill.  A name known to many of you, Kit is President of '66, known to the other '66 officers as our Fearless Leader. He was the Tiger Inn member on our list, and he and Susan live in Riverside, Connecticut. He majored at Princeton in Religion and Art, and has an MBA from the University of Virginia.  After about 25 years as an advertising executive on the agency side, Kit tired of that and he  and Sandy Larsen '66 started a business in San Francisco, sold it after five years and retired.  This has left Kit free to manage '66 affairs with an iron fist. In fact any errors on this page are totally his fault.


Expect the next group of four masked men Friday, and they will be unmasked on the following Tuesday, giving you all weekend to work on identification. We'll then have a Friday-Tuesday weekly schedule as long as we receive matching masked and unmasked classmate photos.


The Masked Man Committee