August 18, 2020. #1


Dear '66 Classmates,


We had a great response to our initial request for masked photos!  Already have 24 in hand after just a few days, and many more promised.  Please send yours as soon as possible. Be creative and fun. And while you're shooting that masked one (with spouse or partner would be great but not required), please send us a companion unmasked one.

Not surprisingly, identifying masked Classmates was tough.  But a few of you managed to do it  So here are the four men - masked, unmasked, and identified.


Stas Maliszewski, our consensus All-American football player (and if you didn't know his name, there will be a carrel named after you in honor of the fact that you never left the Library senior year), living in Texas and Maryland.


Chuck Lagreco, Professor in the Architecture Department at USC and lover of dogs, living in Los Angeles.


Bruce and Barb Ribner. Bruce is the most recent recipient of the '66 Locomotive Award for his extraordinary work on Ebola and other dangerous diseases as head of the Serious Communicable Disease Unit at Emory University. Barb and Bruce live in Atlanta.


Jon Wiener, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of California at Irvine and former head of the SDS at Princeton, living in Los Angeles. Jon is flashing the Hawaiian "shaka" sign ("hang loose") on the left.

So now it's your turn.  Shortly we'll send out another mystery masked man email, so we need the photos to keep coming in.  And the Masked Man Committee (to be identified soon) is working on getting some '66 masks.  If we're successful in creating some good ones, which we're pretty sure we will be, every Classmate who sends in a masked photo will get one, as will every classmate who correctly guesses the names of one or more unidentified '66er. So please dig out your Brownie Hawkeyes and get to work.


The Masked Man Committee