Our one and only 50th Reunion is in the history books but the memories are with us forever. Many, many thanks to the great number of Classmates that made the effort to come from far and near to make this the best Reunion ever. 

FLIX '66 videos will continue bringing class news, a short reunions recap, and visits from classmates around the world.

April 21, 2018.

April 21 was a terrific day at the races featuring perfect spring weather, three exciting steeplechase races, friends old and new, '66 spirit, and gracious hospitality in the style to which we've become accustomed from Julia Jitkoff and Stas Maliszewski at their farm, Zastaria, in Reisterstown, MD.

There are seven slide shows, showing classmates and guests, racing, partying, the Tigertones, and a Zastaria tour.

Mark Saturday April 20, 2019 on your calendars for next spring!

Click on the photo to view highlights from the Day at the Races

November 11, 2017. Yale Weekend

Dozens of '66ers, significant others, and friends returned for a full Saturday of class and Princeton events. The day started with the class meeting attended by 15 or so serious-looking classmates who discussed weighty issues such as Alumni Day (Feb 24), the 55th Reunion, service projects, our finances, and much more, Click on the photo for slide show including the pre-game tailgate party and events in Princeton Stadium (including the aerial game ball delivery from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team, the Black Daggers), and the post-game party with the Tigertones at the Present Day Club.

October 13-15, 2017. Cambridge, MD Mini-Reunion.
A lusty locomotive cheer for Nelson Hendler and Astrid, who organized this great mini in Cambridge, MD on the Choptank River on the Chesapeake Bay, the Land of Pleasant Living. The plaudits roll in, best exemplified by Andy Butz saying "Thanks Nelson and Astrid!  Great hosts and tenacious planners! This was a very special weekend!!" And, from Nelson, "The gathering only reaffirms what I have always maintained...the best group of fellows I have even known."

Classmates and others on hand were: Jim ParmentierWallace JuddJohn EdieDayna Smith & Peter Cary, Astrid & Nelson HendlerJohn Bowman, Susan & Kit Mill, Julia Jitkoff & Stas Maliszewski, Lynn & David Williams, Ruth & Ken KrosinAndy Butz, Celia & Stu SteingoldBarbara Duffy & Seth BraunsteinChristy & David "Stitz" Stitzer.

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June 1-4, 2017 51st Reunion. A great weekend was enjoyed by about 40 classmates and their spouses, friends, children, and grandchildren. We've collected slideshows and other photos from the weekend, including the P-rade and post-P-rade party at the Mounts.

Click on the photo to view highlights from the 51st Reunion

April 22, 2017: A great day at the races and was graciously hosted in the style we've come to expect by Julia Jitkoff and Stas Maliszewski at their farm, Zastaria, in Reisterstown, MD. We have five slide shows below, showing classmates and guests, racing, partying, the Tigertones, and a Zastaria tour. Mark Saturday April 21, 2018 on your calendars for next spring! Click on the photo to view highlights from the Day at the Races

Click on the photo below to view 50th highlights. See the July 6 Class Notes for more 50th news.

We remember our classmates in this memorial video. Please click on the photo below.

Special thanks to Dayna Smith-Cary S66 and Mike Barrett '66 for producing this video. 


"On the Road to Our 50th Reunion" - 44 FLIX '66 Videos Starring Our Classmates.

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But first, get in the mood by listening to the Princeton Katzenjammers lovely version of "Route 66" -- recorded for us.
Bobby Troup arr. Alex Ciepley '97 solos: David Mazumder '17 & Teddy DePuy '16

Visit #1: Stanislaw Maliszewski '66Kingsville, Texas: "Roundup '66 begins down in Texas, the home of the cattle drives, heading to New Jersey with an arrival date of May 2016".

Visit #2: Jon Dawson '66, Bondurant, Wyoming: "Take the bait - don't be the one who got away."

Visit #3: Norm Tabler '66, Indianapolis, Indiana: "Even under courtroom pressure, Norm keeps his priorities straight." 

Visit #4: Joel Primack '66, Santa Cruz, California: "Astrophysicist proves conclusively that the center of the universe in May 2016 is Princeton."

Visit #5: Lanny Jones '66, Chicago, Illinois: "Lanny expands Route 66 all the way to Princeton."

Visit #6: Charles Plohn '66, Princeton, New Jersey: "Classmates! Register now, before President Eisgruber 
discovers T.R. Reid doesn't exist!"

Visit #7: Francis Kwok '66, Toronto, Ontario: "Unaware that the car rule doesn't apply to alumni, Francis pedals toward Old Nassau!"

Visit #8: Tiny Morgan '66, Montgomery, Texas: "Tiny, the One and Only, brings us into his lair!"

Visit #9: Rick Bowers '66, Keokuk, Iowa: "Yes, 66ers, there really is a Keokuk, Iowa." "Kevin Costner, eat your heart out!" 

Visit #10: Henry Von Kohorn '66, Princeton, New Jersey: "Henry shows what's new at the best old place of all!". Special thanks to Tatianna Sims in assisting on this video.

Visit #11: Paul Corcoran '66, Adelaide, South Australia: "A message from Paul 'Crocodile' Corcoran."

Visit #12: Santa Claus h66, North Pole: "Miracle on Nassau Street: Yes '66, there is a Santa Claus"

Visit #13: Jon Morse '66, Venice Beach, California: "Just another one of our guys on the beach in the sun while the rest of us freeze!"

Visit #14: Leighton Chen '66, Princeton, New Jersey: "Don't leave Leighton up a creek without a paddle; come to the 50th reunion!"

Visit #15: John Hart '66, Weston, Massachusetts"Using cutting edge technology, John engineers a trip back to Old Nassau"

Visit #16: Turk Thacher '66, Princeton, New Jersey"Our Reunion Crew: Already on the ball...Let's get it rolling! Warning! This video may cause the viewer to feel extremely old!"

Visit #17: Geoff Mayo '66, St. Martin, The Caribbean"As the rest of us are freezing in the snow, Geoff rubs it in."

Visit #18: Ron Landeck '66 and Bert Kertstetter '66: Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho"Ron and Bert continue their downhill slide"

Visit #19: Lynn Anderson '66, Sydney, Australia"Lynn charts his course to our 50th by sea, air, and land."

Visit #20: John Bowman '66Washington, District of Columbia
"John visits the Vietnam Memorial after remembering the classmates lost during the war."
"They are still with us in spirit." 
Special thanks to Mike Barrett '66 for producing this video

Visit #21: Sim Savage '66: Asheville, North Carolina: "Sim revs up 'The Wild One' for our 50th"

Visit #22: Roger Evans '66: Durham, New Hampshire: "It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that you shouldn't miss your 50th!"

Visit #23: Doug Hansmann '66: Seattle, Washington. "At his age, Doug, our Flying Tiger, just has to hang onto the joystick"

Visit #24: Jim Parmentier '66: Bath, Maine. "Shiver me timbers! Captain Jim is still afloat and sailing to our 50th!"



Visit #25: Carl Corey and Kit Mill '66, Somewhere on Route 66: "Warning!  Old geezer alert. Viewers are advised to locate mute button before opening!"



Visit #26: Stanislaw Maliszewski '66, Glyndon, Maryland: "Stas has a Tiger in his tank — and it’s a BIG tank.  We’re not sure about the Tiger in his tones!". Special thanks to Mac Finney, son of Bill Finney ’46, for producing this video.

Click on Image to View Video

Visit #27: John Edie '66, South Georgia Island, British Overseas Territory: "John travels to the ends of the earth to promote our 50th"

Visit #28: Jon Dawson '66, San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina. "The Way of a Gaucho: Pampas & Circumstance"


Visit #29: Frank Nuessle '66, Wollaston, Pennsylvania: "Frank admits he's mortal. Ask him about the music."


Visit #30: Gordon Bjorkman '66, Church Hill, Maryland: "Whatever happened to Gordon's tiger?"

Visit #31: John Scully '66, Mill Valley, California: "John's been working on the railroad ...how the time has passed away!". Click here for a full 360 view and more.

Visit #32: Tony Zee '66, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah: "With a four year old son and dark hair, Tony shows he’s no dinosaur!"

Visit #33: Kit Mill '66, Riverside, Connecticut: "Another subpar performance by Kit Mill!"

Visit #34: Gary Mount '66, Princeton, New Jersey: "Gary explains that while you can’t put new wine in old skins, you can put it in old grads."

Visit #35: Ted Walworth '66, Lewiston, Maine: "Don't leave Ted stuck in the weeds; register for the 50th now!"

Visit #36: John Edie and Richard Bowers '66, Château de Chenonceau, River Cher, Loire Valley, France: "There's still time to register and help Jean et Richard, the best of friends, get back on the road again"

Visit #37: Owen Mathieu '66, Marblehead, Massachusetts: "Owen’s Rx for a great time: Donut sweat the small stuff - attend the 50th!"

Visit #38: Nelson Hendler '66, Cambridge, Maryland: "Nelson searches for pearls of wisdom—in vain."

Visit #39: Steve Hermann '66, London, England: Steve visits London in an effort to revive interest in Herrmann’s Hermits

Visit #40: Jim Holman '66, Washington, District of Columbia: Watch tie wardrobe master in action!

Visit #41: Russell Williss '66, Millner, Northern Territories, Australia: The Outback Back Story

Visit #42: Neil Bloomfield '66, Dillon Beach, California: Surf's up - Neil's on board for the 50th! 

Visit #43: Frank Larkin '66, Guilford, Vermont: Princeton '66 improves with age. Voted best vintage ever. Peaks May 2016

Visit #44: Glenn Goltz, David Kidd, Dennis Russell, Tom Scott '66: San Diego, California: So much education and not enough sense to come in out of the rain, so don't rain on their P-rade!