'66 at the Races 

April 19, 2014

Stas’ and Julia hosted their Third Annual ’66 at the Races event in the Maryland countryside.Highlights:

This was Jeff Green’s very first Princeton event. He came with his wife, son, son’s partner and their baby. Obviously, he got the long distance award coming from Israel. He was genuinely pleased that there were a number of guys there that he knew 48 years ago.
  • Gates came from Oregon
  • Moya came from Arizona
  • Goroski came from upstate New York
  • Lagemann came from Martha’s Vineyard with the Tiger tied to the top of his car

$280 was donated to the ’66 scholarship from the take on the betting.
Stitzer was the only one to pick the winner and got the other $280.
In order, these '66'ers were on hand:
Baine, Barrett, Beaty, Bjorkman, Bonnett, Cashdollar, Gates,Goroski, Green, Krosin, Lagemann, Maliszewski, McMorris,Middleton, Mill, Moya, Nix, Shanahan, Slidell, Steingold,Stitzer, Tiger, Wilson

                    L-R: Gates, Tiger, Cashdollar, Maliszewski, Mill

Heads L-R: Steingold, Mill, Stitzer, Barrett, McMorris, Baine, Wilson,
Krosin, Bonnett, Gates, Beaty, Moya, Tiger, Middleton,
Ed Kitlowski (bagpiper), Bjorkman, Lagemann, Maliszewski, Green,Nix, Cashdollar, Slidell, Goroski