Dan died on December 11, 2014, from nephrology cancer.

The son of a physician, Dan came to Princeton from Fairfield High, outside Birmingham, Alabama, where he was a member of the swimming team, student council, and honor club.

At Princeton Dan majored in religion, with a philosophy bridge.  He belonged to Charter Club and was a member of the freshman and varsity swimming teams.

After Princeton he earned a medical degree at Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons.  Following a surgical residency at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and service in the United States Army Medical Corps, Dan established a surgical practice in Oklahoma City.   His specialty was cancer surgery, and he devoted substantial time to cancer research, teaching medical students, and writing. 

Later in his career Dan spent about half his time on his ranch, where he enjoyed fishing, hunting, and hydrology projects, along with woodworking and reading in religion, history, and science.

Dan was preceded in death by his son, Patrick.  He is survived by Walta, his wife of 46 years, and by daughters Wendy and Shelley and their families.  The Class extends it condolences to all of them.


Further information is in the Oklahoman obituary.