48th Reunion

May 29 - June 1

36 '66ers (plus 4 members of our '16 "grandchild class") attended events including the Fred Hargadon Memorial Service in the University Chapel on Friday afternoon, the pizza party at Plohn Hall on Friday night, the P-rade. and the outstanding class dinner at Terhune Orchards. Included in the "overall" total is Jay West's son Theo, who at the age of 3 is the youngest known offspring of '66.

Mike Barrett, Walter Bliss, Leighton Chen, Robert Chester, Steve Cook, Crick Cruikshank, Bud D'Avella, John Edie, Dan Goldenson, Mitch Goroski, Ned Groth, Mikk Hinnov, Mike Janis, Lanny Jones, Dave Keetley, Bert Kerstetter, Ken Krosin, Bruce Leslie, Bill Lutz, Stas' Maliszewski, Don McCabe, Mac McMorris, Jim Merritt, Gary Mount, Bob Nahas, Charles Plohn, Bill Sachs, Jeff Shafer, Dan Skvir, Dave Sonnenberg, Ed Steube, Turk Thacher, Henry Von Kohorn, Jay West, Mike Witte, Guy Woelk

'16 grandchildren were Charlies Jacobson, Jeffrey Leibenhaut, Richard Lu, Adam Rosenstein.