Alumni Day 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BOB MUELLER spoke to the Princeton University community in Alexander Hall at 10:15 AM on February 25, prior to receiving the Woodrow Wilson Award at the Alumni Day luncheon, with Alumni Council Chair HENRY VON KOHORN presiding. The Class had six tables at the luncheon in Jadwin. We had a strong turnout and showed our respect and appreciation for the great work Bob has done for our country.

KIT MILL represented the Class at this year's Service of Remembrance, where seven classmates were honored: CHRIS BEDFORD, PHILIP BERG, JACK COHEN, JOHN FRIEDMAN, KEN KREIDMANN, GUY LYTLE, and ALAN ROCKHOLD.

That evening the Class held a reception and dinner at the Nassau Club.TED STANGER was our guest speaker. After serving as a Bureau Chief for Newsweek in Bonn, Rome, Jerusalem and Paris until 1991, Ted settled in Paris and began writing books in French for the French. Mostly best-sellers, those books established Ted as a sort of Pierre Salinger of American opinion. He became the "go-to" guy for French journalists who wanted to know what the American take would be on things that were happening in their own country 

We were joined by a number of guests, including two undergraduates who were Princeton Prize winners, and two partners of classmates who had passed away during 2011.

Relive the Alumni Day Experience 

For those who missed Alumni Day 2012 or just want to relive the experience, you can do so in a number of ways. Video recordings of talks delivered at Richardson Auditorium by Woodrow Wilson Award winner Robert Mueller III '66 and Madison Medalist Lisa Jackson *86 are now available on the Alumni Association's website. A vibrant photo gallery of the day's events is now available on Flickr. And, a recap of the day's events — as told through a unique narrative of social media posts made by members of the University community — is now available on Storify (click here).