Dear '66 Classmates,


Yes, we know you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from the end of Masked Men. So are we! The bunker has been closed down, the staff has been given severance, and the four of us have surrendered our luxurious executive suites and moved on to honest work. (We were going to say "other honest work," but the catcalls would have been too painful).

But wait! There's more! With the help of Video Maven Steve Harwood, also a newly elected '66 VP, we have assembled all 166 Masked Men in one place, backed up by rousing Princeton music. If you participated in the MM tomfoolery, you truly will kick yourself if you don't watch this. And if you didn't participate, you really don't want to miss the 166 guys who did. No kidding. You won't spend a more fun few minutes all month.

By the way, we had no award for the best mask or setting. There were some great ones, including an oil painting, a stagecoach robbery, a Classmate reading "Journal of the Plague Year," and an American Gothic imitator. But the four of us unequivocally would have given any such award to Paul "Red" Savidge. See if you agree.

Here is the YouTube video.

This officially brings Reunions Week to a close. Click here for quick links to all 55th Reunion videos, photos, and news. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting '66 as you did.


Closing down the MM operation was, as you can imagine, a bittersweet moment. Particularly poignant was the departure of our loyal staff. A tear appeared on the face of C. Howie Runn, Chief of Security, and, we thought, the toughest of the tough, and the man who idolized Axel Peterson. Les Angst was a font of cliched wisdom about the meaning of farewells and the chance of personal renewal. Ima Nutz, the shy and retiring assistant to Les, came by to share the experience. The lesser-known staff members left early to beat the weekend Jersey Shore traffic. As the youngsters, Isaiah, Jo, Ella, and Cy, departed for their grand tour, we provided wise grandfatherly advice, and Howie choked up once more, saying "You know, they really are good kids". Then, with waves and a honk, they were off, heading, we think, for the famous Trenton bridge, Cy at the wheel. Isaiah won't be allowed to touch it as he still tends to drive on the left.



The Masked Man Committee

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