William Theodore Reed, Jr. (1944-2019)





The class has learned of Bill's death from his wife Heather, who writes that he died February 7 of severe encephalitis.


Obituary from the East Bay, RI Newspaper (Westport Shorelines)


William T. Reed, Jr., 74, of Westport, MA died Thursday, February 7, 2019, at Massachusetts General Hospital, after a brief illness. He was the husband of Heather (Heath) Reed. 

Born in Baltimore, Md., the son of the late William T. and Katherine (Tweedy) Reed, Bill was a long-time resident of West Chester and Media, Penn., before moving to Westport in 2004.  He attended Allen’s Neck Friends Meeting in Dartmouth. 
Bill attended the Haverford School and graduated from Exeter Academy, Princeton University, class of 1966, and Stanford Business School in 1968.  He was a Chair with Vistage International where he served as a facilitator of leadership groups. 
A loving and devoted husband, father, and friend, Bill was a kind, gentle man, who had a wonderful, unique sense of humor and deep care and concern for people and fairness in the world.  Anyone who met him said they loved being around him because they felt accepted and appreciated. He was an avid golfer and enjoyed reading, travel, and discussing politics in a way that left all involved enriched.
Bill is survived by his beloved wife, Heather; son, Jarrod Reed of Nottingham, Penn.; daughters, Christie G. Reed of Cambridge, Mass., and Erica H. Sebastian and her husband, Bryan Dougherty of Philadelphia, Penn.; nephew, Tom MacKinnon of Chicago, Ill.; and his niece, Kate MacKinnon Wen and her children, Reed and Grace of Ipswich, Mass. 
He was the brother of the late Ann Reed MacKinnon.


PAW Obituary


Bill died February 7, 2019, in Massachusetts General Hospital after a brief illness.

Born in Baltimore, Bill attended the Haverford School, in suburban Philadelphia, and graduated from Exeter Academy, where he played soccer and squash. At Princeton he played both sports at the varsity level, majored in history, and joined Cottage Club, where he served as Bicker chairman. Roommates included John Redpath, Terry Scherk, Walt Smedley, Bill Harrison, Googan Bunn, and Walter Hale.

After Princeton Bill earned his MBA at Stanford and served in the Army Reserves from 1968 to 1974. His long business career included service with W. L. Gore & Associates and School Street Capital Group. He was a chair with the peer mentoring organization Vistage International, serving as a facilitator of leadership groups.

A long-time resident of Westchester and Media PA, he moved to Westport MA in 2004. He was an avid golfer and enjoyed reading, travel, and discussing politics.

Bill is survived by his wife Heather, son Jarrod, and daughters Christie and Erica., to all of whom the Class extends heartfelt condolences.

Classmate Memories

Mike Tooke


Bill Reed joined Dick McGinity and me in the early 2000s at School Street Capital to provide consulting, investment banking and venture capital, primarily to privately owned or early stage companies.  We were later joined by Peyton Bush to become an all Cottage Club '66 firm.   

We wound down School Street Capital about 10 years later as I had health issues, Bush acquired a small bank in New Orleans, McGinity created a new business school at the University of Wyoming (and later became president of the state system) and Reed joined a consulting group working with New England-based, mostly privately owned company CEOs.  I believe he was still focused on that business when he died.


Bill was a successful partner and contributor in all of these activities.


Howard McMorris


While Bill and I knew each other in the same eating club at Princeton, he made a true difference in my life when I moved to Philadelphia in the fall of 1969, to join the International Division of the Philadelphia National Bank.  First, Bill helped me unpack and move into a small apartment in Center City, where I spent the next 9 months.   When that lease ran out, I needed somewhere else to live.  Bill arranged all that, introducing me to two of his friends, and suggesting that we all share a very nice townhouse close to Rittenhouse Square.   

 We saw each other only intermittently during the next 10 years, as he was married and living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, while I was traveling to Europe 3 months a year as a young banker.  While we did stay in touch when I moved to New York in 1979, imagine my surprise when I told Bill in November of 1984 that I was engaged to Clare Tweedy, to be married that New Year’s Eve Day.  Suddenly from Bill, “Mac, my name is Bill Tweedy Reed, and Clare and I are cousins; our grandfathers were brothers! ”.

Naturally, this led quickly to a reunion, and our inviting Bill to the small, formal, wedding in Clare’s parents’ weekend home in Brewster, NY, an hour’s drive North of NYC.  On that New Year’s Eve day, Bill suddenly calls as he is driving from Philadelphia to Brewster.  “Mac, very sorry, but I just remembered that this is a formal event and I have not packed my tuxedo!  I will now turn around and drive home”.  I will never forget saying, “Bill, don’t be ridiculous.  We have invited you to our wedding, not your tuxedo.  Keep driving!!”.   

He did, and had a wonderful time seeing classmates Jake Cartwright and Mike Tooke, and speaking at length, for the first time, with Clare’s father, Gordon Tweedy!

We have continued to see Bill ever since, and have spent a weekend with Bill, and Heather, in their retirement house, in Westport, Mass!!

Photo Gallery

The photos at the top are from the Freshman Herald, the Nassau Herald, and LinkedIn.


L: Bill and Heather's October 14, 1989 wedding thirty years ago with Bill and Heather, and Erica in front. Best Man John Redpath and Christie are behind them.

R: From the 25th Reunion Book. Jarrod, Heather, Erica, Bill, Christie.




May, 2016 - The 50th Reunion. L-R: Christie, Kendle, Jarrod, Heather, Bill, Erica, Bryan. Heather mentions that "We had the best time!"



Shinnecock Hills GC in Spring, 2018 with: Terry Scherck, John Redpath, Bill Reed, and Keith Jennings – sent by Scherck


'66ers lining up in a single wing at Stanford Business School, 1967. Backfield: George Weiksner, Frank Remley(d), George Largay(d), Bill Reed(d), Line: Jon Dawson, Rick Jones, Ken Boudwin, Terry Eakin, Tom Curto ’65, John Scully.



George Weiksner, George Largay (d), Bill Reed (backfield), and Jon Dawson, Lloyd Bentsen, Terry Eakin, and John Scully (line) at Scully’s Long Island home in 2004, reprising their lineup at Stanford.


Dads and ’66ers, June 14, 1966. Bill Reed, John Redpath, Googan Bunn, Terry Scherck, Bill Harrison, Walt Smedley, Walter Hale, Peyton Bush

  • May 1965 Prince. New Cottage officers R-L McGinley, Largay (d), Haarlow, Reed, Firestone


Out-of-Towner Dinner - May 10, 2019


From Mike Tooke: Below is the picture of the small out-of-towner dinner we had Friday night prior to going down to Westport, MA for Bill Reed’s memorial service on May 11th.  All of us were close friends of Bill and shared Reedman stories, mostly about his remarkable kindness and good humor throughout his life.  The guests were: front row, kneeling, left to right - Keith JenningsTerry Scherck; second row in front, standing, left to right - Randy Lyon (’65), Googan BunnDick McGinityMike TookeMac McMorrisPeyton Bush; standing at the back, left to right - Bill DucasHenry LynnJake RedpathRick Bowers.  Walter Smedley arrived too late for the dinner photo but was there as well.  The next day, other classmates I saw at the memorial included John DawsonGeorge Weiksner and John Lumpkin.



Memorial Service - May 11, 2019 at the Reed's Farm in Westport, MA


Heather sent these two photos of classmates as well as Randy Lyons and Bill's cousin Rox Stewart (blue shirt, back right). John Redpath is not in the photos but was there all day.